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  • Global housing symposium focuses on relationship building and enterprise-wide support

    Improving the Air Force privatized housing program to meet the needs of Airmen and their families was the central focus of a three-day Global Housing Symposium in San Antonio, May 7-9.
  • Motorcycle Safety Training: What riders need to know

    Weather is warming up and more motorcyclists are on the roadways. Here's what Air Force motorcyclists need to know.
  • Home Improvement - Airmen and their Families are Job No.1

    “Families first” is the mantra behind the Air Force’s Housing Privatization program improvement plan which will take front and center attention at the Air Force’s Global Housing Symposium, set to kick off on Tuesday, May 7, in downtown San Antonio. The plan, which includes five major lines of effort, outlines 27 initiatives to correct housing issues identified following a service-wide review of health and safety concerns.
  • Top Air Force leaders address Wurtsmith Water Concerns

    “The Air Force is absolutely committed to the health and safety of our Airmen, their families, and the communities where we serve today and where we served in the past,” said Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment, and Energy, John Henderson, during a visit to the former Wurtsmith Air Force base, here, April 24, 2019. Henderson met with community leaders and residents to discuss the Air Force’s response to drinking water contamination at the former air force base caused by perfluoroctane sulfonate and perfuorooctanic acid, two components of aqueous film forming foam used by the Air Force, and civilian airports, to combat petroleum-based fire.
  • CSAF Speaks at 50th EOD Memorial Ceremony

    For fifty years, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal community have come together to commemorate those whom have made the ultimate sacrifice. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein led the ceremony in reminding America the significance of the EOD Memorial and the names etched on the wall where lines of history and heroism intersect. The ceremony took place on 4 May at the Kauffman EOD training complex at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.

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  • Heroes do exist: Returning with honor

    Sequestration. Continuing Resolution. Furlough. These are pretty big and scary words. Whether military or civilian, all of us will face the effects and feel the impact of these issues. Complaining about who has the worst lot isn't really helpful. What is helpful, though, is taking a moment to remind ourselves about why we do what we do. Is it just
  • It's all attitude

    For as long as I can remember, I have always placed an emphasis on having a great attitude.  Let's face it, life throws us a whole lot of curve balls but with the right attitude, you can connect on those curve balls and hit them out of the park. With the wrong attitude, you just may strike out.  The choice is always yours.We have all been through
  • 'Let food be thy medicine'

    “Let Food be thy Medicine…,” these are the famous words of Hippocrates, the renowned physician of ancient Greece. These are words I strongly believe in as well. Being a wife, a mother and an Airman can be very stressful, but stress is an intrinsic part of life. Stress is what keeps us growing and developing, but when stress becomes chronic or
  • Sexual assault survivor: ‘You are not alone’

    I remember the day like it was yesterday. My heartbeat echoed in my head as I attempted to dry my sweaty hands on my jeans. I was 21 years old, sitting in a Korean court room, waiting to be questioned by prosecutors. How I ended up there was unreal. Just a few months earlier I was happy; I had a loving husband, amazing friends and arguably the greatest job in the Air Force, but the color in my world had been stolen.
  • Sexual assault prevention: moving beyond awareness

    Every April since 2001, the nation has focused its attention on sexual assault awareness and the impact this crime has on those who have experienced it. This year, the Department of Defense deliberately renamed the annual effort Sexual Assault Awareness and PREVENTION Month. I want to take this opportunity to share with you how the Air Force is focusing on prevention of this crime – stopping it before it takes place.