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LOE 2: Strengthen Airmen, Guardians and Families

Strengthening Airmen, Guardians and Families means providing housing and dorms, as well as building strong communities that provide a sense of belonging and security. We deliver morale, welfare and recreation programs and provide safe places for them to live, train, work and play. These services allow Airmen and Guardians to concentrate on executing the mission, knowing the Air Force is taking care of them and their families. Objectives aligned under LOE 2:

Improving Housing for Airmen, Guardians and Families
This objective commits the Air Force to provide Airmen, Guardians and their families safe homes and secure communities they are proud to call home. This objective is nested in AFMC priority to strengthen the Air Force and Space Force teams by planning and executing programs to build resilient families and improve their quality of life.

Deliver Enterprise-Wide Programming to Installations to Build Cohesion and Resiliency for Airmen, Guardians and Families
We will focus efforts to deliver innovative enterprise-wide morale, welfare and recreation programming to installations, helping build community cohesion and resiliency for Airmen, Guardians and their families.