AFIMSC Tagline



Increasing lethality and readiness requires combat-ready forces and infrastructure that enables successful mission accomplishment. The AFIMSC team builds and maintains the power projection platforms from which the Department of Air Force operates in air and space. Increasing lethality and readiness is at the heart of what we do every day so that the Department of the Air Force can defend, deter, fight and win wars. Objectives aligned under LOE 1:

Optimize Infrastructure
The Air Force and Space Force. must slow down or halt the degradation in the most critical infrastructure assets based on their importance to the NDS. This objective is putting plans in place so AFIMSC can better advocate for infrastructure funding, effectively spend the resources we get and ensure bases spend their resources effectively in line with the Infrastructure Investment Strategy (I2S). 

Increase Installation Resiliency
This objective is creating tools and plans to ensure the execution of mission-critical priorities for I&MS are aligned with higher headquarters and Air Force priorities. This will reduce vulnerabilities while enhancing our ability to protect, respond and recover from disruptions to operations and supporting infrastructure.

Improve Strategic Basing Decisions
Strategic basing decisions are multifaced and relate to the stationing or basing of weapon systems, squadrons, capabilities and forces for both Air and Space Forces. AFIMSC is uniquely positioned to provide an objective enterprise-wide look to help Air Force decision makers understand the value of various candidate locations. This objective seeks to optimize the enterprise process by using civil engineering and other AFIMSC expertise.  

Revolutionize Base Lethality
Installations are the power projection platforms that we fight from, and their foundational capabilities ensure a leading edge for our Airmen and Guardians to survive and thrive across the globe. This objective develops actionable steps from a multitude of analyses to transform the installation of today to a new future blueprint that is effective despite a resource constrained environment.

Prioritize Airmen Readiness for Great Power Competition
Effective power projection platforms depend on capable, trained and resilient I&MS Airmen. This objective is putting plans in place so AFIMSC can provide I&MS units resources to train for essential missions such as Integrated Base Response & Recovery and Agile Combat Employment.

Create Data Driven Execution Plan Process
Using a deliberate process this objective delivers a viable path toward the development of a data-driven execution plan tool. This tool will support each of our I&MS portfolios and be customized to meet their specific validation and execution plan processes. 

Integrate Air Base Command and Control
To effectively support installation crisis management across the spectrum of preparedness, the basing and logistics enterprise must optimize decision-making by integrating legacy plus emerging IT systems and processes used for installation support and emergency management.