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LOE1: INCREASE LETHALITY AND READINESS:  Delivering lethality and readiness requires combat-ready forces and infrastructure that enable successful mission accomplishment. The AFIMSC team builds and maintains the platforms from which the Air Force operates in air and space. Increasing lethality and readiness is at the heart of what we do every day so that the Air Force can defend, deter, fight and win wars. 

Goal 1: Optimize Infrastructure
The Air Force must slow down or halt the degradation in the most critical infrastructure assets based on their importance to the National Defense Strategy. This goal is putting plans in place so AFIMSC can better advocate for infrastructure funding, effectively spend the resources we get and ensure bases spend their resources effectively in line with the Infrastructure Investment Strategy.

Goal 2: Increase Installation Resiliency
This goal creates tools and actionable plans to ensure the execution of mission-critical priorities for installation and mission support are aligned with higher headquarters and Air Force priorities. This will reduce vulnerabilities while enhancing our ability to protect, respond and recover from disruptions to operations and supporting infrastructure.

Goal 3: Improve Strategic Basing
Strategic basing decisions are multifaceted and relate to the stationing or basing of weapon systems, squadrons, capabilities and forces for both Air and Space Forces. AFIMSC is uniquely positioned to provide an objective enterprise-wide look to help Air Force decision-makers understand the value of various candidate locations. This goal seeks to optimize the entire process by leveraging authoritative data and AFIMSC expertise. 

Goal 4: Revolutionize Base Lethality
Using several key processes, this goal develops actionable steps to transform the “installation of today” to the “future blueprint” through effective resourcing in a constrained environment. This holistic approach empowers an installation's ability to achieve mission success using existing capabilities, through innovation and resource-informed advocacy.

Goal 5: Prioritize Airmen Readiness
A top AFIMSC priority is Airmen readiness, which relies on dynamic programs and funding to produce highly trained and mission-ready Airmen. This goal will prioritize training funding to reduce gaps and prevent bases from making high-risk choices that leave the Air Force vulnerable.

LOE 2: STRENGTHEN AIRMEN AND FAMILIES:  We strengthen Airmen and families by providing safe places for them to live, train, work and play. We foster the Whole Airmen Concept by delivering quality of life and morale, welfare and recreation programs. By building strong communities where Air Force members have a sense of belonging and security, Airmen can concentrate on executing the mission, knowing the Air Force is taking care of them and their families.

Goal 1: Improve Quality, Utilization and Management of Unaccompanied Housing
AFIMSC is charged with making sure Airmen across the Air Force are ready and installations are operationally resilient and able to produce uninterrupted airpower. This goal focuses on taking care of Airmen by ensuring access to safe, quality dorms thereby allowing them to focus on the mission in support of Air Force Materiel Command, Air Force and national defense priorities.

Goal 2: Improve Housing for Airmen and Families
This goal commits the Air Force to provide Airmen and their families safe homes and secure communities they are proud to call home. This goal is nested in Air Force Materiel Command’s priority to strengthen the Air Force and Space Force teams by planning and executing programs to build resilient families and improve their quality of life.

Goal 3: Optimize community cohesion to build resilient Airmen and families
We will deploy new initiatives and optimize current programs to make sure our most valuable resource, our Airmen and their families, are provided what they need to thrive at work, home and play.

Goal 4: Execute Enterprise-wide Customer Service Strategy
We will identify, measure and analyze customer satisfaction to continuously improve enterprise results and external stakeholders’ experience with AFIMSC. We’ll share this customer feedback with the right people, in the right way, at the right time to influence positive changes and a culture of customer satisfaction throughout AFIMSC.

Goal 5: Office of the Future
Build and benchmark a better, radically new way of working at AFIMSC called the Office of the Future, or O2F. Through a culture of experimentation and innovation, we will establish a new model for office-work that leverages cutting edge information technology to enable collaboration and flexible work in order to optimize resources, maintain connectedness and quality of life while improving mission effectiveness.

LOE 3: PURSUE ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE:  We pursue organizational excellence by first syncing our strategic priorities with those of our higher headquarters to support the National Defense Strategy. We’re focused on growing and retaining high-performing professionals to execute our mission. We’re maturing our processes and finding ways to better collaborate and communicate with our customers. We’re committed to developing and fielding innovations that deliver capabilities smarter, faster and cheaper.

Goal 1: Drive Enterprise Behavior Using Data Analytics
This goal empowers decision-makers at all levels in the Installation and Mission Support enterprise to realize the full potential of data to inform their daily activities, enabled by high-quality data analytics products that are flexibly tailored, packaged and scoped to their needs. This goal is achieved when a data culture exists across the entire enterprise.

Goal 2: Increase Innovation Opportunities
The aim of this goal is to empower Airmen across the organization to find better ways of accomplishing their mission. We need to create a culture, provide the tools and training, and make it easier for anyone in our workforce to navigate that ecosystem successfully. There are amazing amounts of resources and funding our enterprise can tap into and it will continue to grow.

Goal 3: Improve Strategic Communication
The focus of this goal is to better connect the AFIMSC team with each other and customers. We accomplish this by delivering a deliberate communication narrative. We coordinate and plan with stakeholders on enterprise-targeted messaging and events. Through collaboration and community, we quickly identify and mitigate areas lacking in persistent, consistent and effective communication.  

Goal 4: Develop I&MS Experts & Leaders
This goal seeks to optimize the onboarding hiring process, and achieve deliberate growth by developing, implementing and maximizing force development opportunities, processes and programs required to improve and retain enterprise talent. It provides direction to develop and sustain competent installations and mission support Airmen, setting the foundation for the development of specific experiential opportunities and programs to educate, train, and purposefully develop a highly trained and multi-faceted I&MS workforce. 

Goal 5: Ensure Connectedness Across AFIMSC
We are a stronger and more successful team when we are connected across our global enterprise. The AFIMSC team is the sum of all our military, civilian and contractor members and their families. This goal ensures connectedness between the headquarters, primary subordinate units and detachments through targeted data-informed opportunities, tools and processes. It will improve transparency, communication, and a shared sense of belonging and purpose.

Goal 6: Increase Organizational Maturity
When it comes to organizational maturity, our goal is simple: maximize organizational effectiveness and efficiency for maximum mission delivery. This goal defines the optimized organization to help identify and close performance gaps. We highlight and prioritize opportunities and track our progress by measuring AFIMSC against established performance characteristics of organizational maturity.

Goal 7: Advance IT Organizational Maturity & Collaboration
This goal ensures we develop effective information technology portfolio management, collaboration and maturity. Through innovation and applying economies of scale across the organization, we can return time and resources to AFIMSC in addition to providing enhanced customer support to meet mission needs and vision.

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