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AFIMSC Mission and Vision

Security Forces Airmen

LOE 4: Amplify Warfighter Culture

AFIMSC has a critical need for I&MS Airmen to understand their role in long-term strategic power competitions and the imperative role their missions play in ensuring U.S. success. As an organization, we must shift our sights and accelerate the changes we need to make to organize, train and equip our enterprise to be postured for the future fight. We must ensure each I&MS Airman understands the threats to their portfolios and how to deter or defeat those threats while orienting decision-making processes to shape future investments.

GOAL 1: Connect to the Mission
Develop AFIMSC personnel awareness of all-domain threats to the enterprise and link to AFIMSC’s role in countering current and future threats.

GOAL 2: Increase Understanding of how AFIMSC Supports the Warfighter Across the Competition Continuum
Increase the Department of the Air Force’s understanding of how AFIMSC supports warfighter needs.

a. Transform operational contracting into operational acquisition through the implementation of program management into appropriate acquisition milestones.

b. Translate DAF strategic demand signals into how I&MS supports warfighter needs.

AFIMSC Tagline