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  • Air Force proves mettle at first inter-service Alpha Warrior battle

    SELMA, Texas – A team of six Air Force men and women bested the Army and Navy to capture the first-ever Inter-Service Alpha Warrior Final Battle held at Retama Park on the outskirts of San Antonio Nov. 17. Capt. Mark Bishop of Air Mobility Command, Capt. Noah Palicia of Pacific Air Forces, Capt. Jennifer Wendland of the U.S. Air Force Academy, 1st
  • Airmen “Prove It” at Alpha Warrior final battle

    SELMA, Texas –Airmen from across the world competed in the second annual Alpha Warrior Final Battle, Friday, Nov. 16 at the Alpha Warrior Proving Grounds, Retama Park, Selma, Texas.  “Alpha Warrior brings a new way of getting fit, building teamwork and becoming the warfighters we need to be for future threats and future environments,” said Maj.
  • Environmental team aids Tyndall hurricane recovery

    An Air Force environmental recovery assistance team’s assessment of the environmental impact of Hurricane Michael on Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, is helping recovery and rebuilding efforts at the base.
  • AFIMSC budget analyst survives storm; keeps mission going

    Scott Sheffield weighed his options as Hurricane Michael strengthened in the Gulf of Mexico and barreled toward the Florida coast. Like most residents in the area, the AFIMSC budget analyst could ride out the storm from his home in Panama City Beach or evacuate to a safer location. But Sheffield had a third option: attend an already planned and scheduled TDY to San Antonio for a training course – ironically a two-day problem-solving and decision-making class. He opted for the TDY.
  • Alpha Warrior final battle returns to San Antonio

    JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas – The 2018 Alpha Warrior Final Battle will feature the first ever inter-service competition with Airmen, Soldiers and Sailors competing Nov. 17 at Retama Park in Selma, Texas. The program, conducted by the Air Force Services Activity, a subordinate unit of the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center,

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  • Choose to serve, buy in and lead

    One of the U.S. Air Force’s strengths is the diversity of our personnel. We come from many places with varying backgrounds and experiences. We joined the Air Force for various reasons; perhaps the opportunity to travel, to get an education, or to be a pilot, to serve.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    In our busy society, people don’t always take time to articulate what they expect from their leaders, but they certainly know the difference between a good leader and a less-than-optimal leader when they work for them.
  • Know your role, own it, and be the best you can be every day

    Many people stagnate because the job they have is not fun or is not their dream job. This mindset ignores that in almost every industry, entry-level positions exist for a reason and no one starts out as the CEO. It is vital for an organization to have strong, dedicated workers at every level, focused on their current position as well as preparing for the next. People that lack this insight may go through the motions, never fully committing themselves to fulfilling their role. They produce suboptimal results, receive little recognition, and rarely feel a sense of purpose. They don’t realize that the dissatisfaction they feel is a direct result of the fact that they do very little to contribute to the organization.
  • From the Ground Transportation Airmen of Team Dover at Fed Fleet Expo 2018

    Introduction: This year the Ground Transportation Career Field held their third annual breakout session at the Fed Fleet Expo. The event was held during the Washington D.C. Auto Show at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center during the last week of January. This year was particularly special because Team Dover’s Ground Transportation Junior