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LOE 3: Pursue Organizational Excellence

AFIMSC pursues organizational excellence by identifying innovation opportunities and increasing organizational effectiveness, communication, collaboration and maturity. At the core, we’re committed to building and sustaining an inclusive environment that develops I&MS experts and leaders. Objectives aligned under LOE 3:

Increase Innovation Impact Across Installation and Mission Support Equities
The aim of this objective is to empower Airmen across the organization to find better ways of accomplishing their mission. We need to create a culture, provide the tools and training and make it easier for anyone in our workforce to navigate that ecosystem successfully. There are amazing amounts of resources and funding our enterprise can tap into and it will continue to grow.

Drive Data-Driven Behavior Leveraging Digital Transformation
This objective empowers decision-makers at all levels in the I&MS enterprise to realize the full potential of digital tools in their daily activities, enabled by high-quality data analytics products. These tools and products are flexibly tailored, packaged and scoped to their needs. This objective is achieved when leaders at all levels demand repeatable, sustainable data-driven decisions across the entire enterprise and we maximize our return on AFIMSC technology investments to meet mission needs and vision.

Develop I&MS Experts & Leaders
This objective seeks to achieve deliberate growth for developing, implementing and maximizing force development opportunities, processes and programs to best improve and retain talent to support our customers, it provides direction to develop and sustain competent installations and mission support Airmen; setting the foundation for the development of specific experiential opportunities and programs to educate, train and purposefully develop a highly trained and multi-faceted workforce.

Increase Organizational Effectiveness, Collaboration & Integration
This objective is intended to optimize, to the maximum extent possible, our organizational effectiveness across our enterprise to maximize mission delivery. We will make every effort to align our efforts of work to enhance our personnel’s ability to work in a hybrid environment, and test the ability of Office of the Future (O2F) to deliver results that allow AFIMSC to be innovative and agile to support our mission partners and customers. Our objectives serve as our north star to ensure the organization is headed in the right direction, while remaining singularly focused on delivering our core capabilities to our customers and the warfighters in the field.

Build and Sustain an Inclusive and Equitable Culture/Environment 
This objective aims to foster and sustain an inclusive organizational infrastructure with corresponding practices to ensure AFIMSC employees uphold the Center’s strategy and framework for success in maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Increase Understanding of How AFIMSC Supports the Warfighter Across the Competition Continuum
The goal of this objective is to increase the Department of the Air Force’s understanding of how AFIMSC supports warfighter needs.