AFIMSC ‘launches’ new virtual support center

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JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas – The Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center rolled out the updated version of LAUNCH, the center’s virtual support center located on SharePoint, May 17. 

LAUNCH, a CAC-enabled site, was modernized as part of the migration from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online. The site is a comprehensive, interactive capabilities library, and serves as a portal for the workforce and customers to learn about AFIMSC products and services and better understand the center’s organizational construct and missions. LAUNCH looks and functions like a website and will serve as a model for other areas of SharePoint AFIMSC uses. 

LAUNCH helps anyone looking for help or information from AFIMSC to quickly find the correct points of contact. The homepage has five main enterprise tabs that users can click on to navigate through the site:

  • Our Organization displays the AFIMSC organizational chart with links into each sub-organization in order to fully understand the organizational structure and lines of authority. 
  • #IAMIMSC Team leads directly to the public AFIMSC website, where users can find the latest information on AFIMSC and internal business activities. 
  • AFIMSC Informational Repository (formerly titled Key Processes) offers a central place to obtain information about AFIMSC’s functional process as well as knowledge management resources. 
  • AFIMSC Strategy provides the operational roadmap that synchronizes AFIMSC’s strategic lines of effort, goals and objectives. 
  • Enterprise IT Service Catalog serves as a new single-entry point to get information about the various IT systems in AFIMSC.

On the homepage, users will also find 10 “AFIMSC Portfolios” of work that showcase a comprehensive view of all the services that AFIMSC provides. Finally, “Our Services” displays AFIMSC’s top 24 requested services. If a user needs help with a particular service or capability and isn’t sure where in the organization or portfolios to look, they can leverage the “easy buttons” to guide their search.

Looking for LAUNCH? Navigate to the AFIMSC SharePoint site ( and click the LAUNCH box, or visit