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#IAMIMSC: Crystal Delk

Crystal Delk IAMIMSC spotlight graphic

(U.S. Air Force graphic by Jim Martinez)

#IAMIMSC: Crystal Delk
Duty title and unit: Government Information Specialist, AFIMSC Installation Support Directorate, Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland, Texas

Primary duty responsibilities: I’m the information compliance team and inspector general continual evaluation program manager with the AFIMSC Installation Support Directorate’s information access branch. I evaluate 82 Freedom of Information Act and Privacy programs every six months to ensure compliance within respective programs.    

What’s the best part of your job? 
Being able to assist unit representatives with maintaining a healthy program.

Why are you and your job important to the Air Force and AFMC?
As a subject matter expert in both programs, I’m able to ensure requirements are being adhered to and mitigate the risk of possible lawsuits brought against the Department of Air Force.

What’s a recent project that gave you a great sense of accomplishment? 
In January 2020, I was tasked to stand up the IG continual evaluation program for the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy programs. During the next couple of months, I attended several IG trainings to understand the overall intent and use of the different tools, allowing me to standup a successful program.

By the end of March 2020, the first schedule was developed and evaluations began in April 2020. I complete 164 evaluations (82 Freedom of Information Act program and 82 Privacy program) every six months, ensuring 100 percent compliance with business rules.

Which AFIMSC priority do you most identify with – or see yourself and your job fitting into – and why?
My job fits into Line of Effort 3: Pursue Organizational Excellence which I believe is the foundation for the other two priorities: Increase Lethality & Readiness and Strengthen Airmen & Families. 

One should always look for ways to improve or strengthen self, job and organization. The success of a person is measured on the success of an organization. As continuous improvement takes place, it allows the individual or organization to better strengthen Airmen and families, and increase the lethality and readiness.

Is there anything you’d like to add? 
I am an active member of Lifegate Church, Seguin Texas; enjoy spending time with family and friends; currently pursuing a B.S. in criminal justice administration through Columbia Southern University; and a member of Ranch Rock, a country western/classic rock band.