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"We Want You" graphicWe’re looking for active duty, reserve, and civilian Airmen and Guardians with ideas for how to make our installation and mission support services work better. 

Are YOU looking for a way to help make your Air and Space Forces work better? 

Do YOU have a good idea you want to see put into use across Air and Space Force installations?

If so, here are some ways we can help take YOUR IDEAS from concept to reality!


Each year, AFIMSC Ventures holds a “Call for Innovation” campaign. This campaign gives active duty, reserve and civilian Airmen and Guardians the chance to pitch ideas on how to improve the delivery of installation and mission support services. Finalists spend a week learning from leading innovators, honing their pitches, and then presenting their ideas to a board of senior leaders during the annual AFIMSC Innovation Rodeo. Those leaders will select the best of the best ideas to funded, developed, and fielded!



The rodeo isn’t the only way for Airmen and Guardians to get involved with AFIMSC innovation efforts! Each AFIMSC subordinate units has an innovation office, which, along with AFIMSC Ventures, provides numerous opportunities for innovative ideas to get developed, tested, and fielded.  

For example, AFIMSC Ventures is working with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center’s Environmental Directorate, the Air Force Innovation Hub Network (AFWERX), and a contractor to use drones to light detection and ranging, multi-spectrum sensors and machine-learning algorithms to map, survey, and inventory habitat for the golden-cheeked warbler at Camp Bullis, Texas. The idea is to take these results and scale out this commercially available technology to other ecological sites that previously required a lot of time and money to manually survey.  

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