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Maj. Jacque Vasta was a force support officer who encountered problems trying to sublease child care spots at her base’s child development center. She vented about this situation on Facebook and found out that other families had the same frustration. So she took her frustration and turned it into an idea for Kinderspot – an app through which Department of Defense families could easily sublease spots at Air Force CDCs. 

She pitched her idea at the 2020 AFIMSC Innovation Rodeo. She won first place, and $330,000 of funding and program support from AFIMSC Ventures to develop the app. Vasta has continued to work with the AFIMSC Ventures, the Air Force Services Center and Oddball (a digital services team specializing in transforming government software) to help bring this project to fruition. 

After field testing the app at nine bases in 2021, Kinderspot has become available at nearly 30 installations around the world. In November 2023, AFIMSC began rolling the app out to all remaining Department of the Air Force-run child development centers. It is available for download on Apple and Android devices.


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