I-WEPTAC 2024.1

The Air and Space Force Premier Installation and Mission Support
Weapons and Tactics Conference

May 8, 2024

This year's I-WEPTAC topics and the solutions teams developed aim to help the Department of the Air Force prepare and prevail in an era of Great Power Competition. Reoptimizing the Air Force and Space Force for GPC is one of the most extensive changes in the Department’s history. Changes need to be implemented now, which drove the need for I-WEPTAC Mission Area Working Groups to look at how innovative combat support and combat service support operations can deliver a ready and resilient force that can operate effectively in an austere environment.

I-WEPTAC 2024.1 topics and MAWG Chairs are:

  • Capabilities within a Base Command, chaired by Maj. Conor Favo and Chief Master Sgt. Carlos Collins.
  • Creation of Cross Functional Air Base Tactics Instructors, chaired by Maj. Richard Cordova and Chief Master Sgt. Karla Macey.  
  • Resilience and Base Recovery After Attack in an ACE Environment, chaired by Maj Robin Walton and Chief Master Sgt. (s) Phillip Acord.

2024.1 MAWG Chairs & Co-Chairs

Major Conor Favo, MAWG 1 Chair Major Richard Cordova, MAWG 1 Chair Major Robin Walton, MAWG 3 Chair
CMSgt. Carlos Collins, MAWG 2 Co-Chair CMSgt. Karla Macey, MAWG 2 Co-Chair CMSgt. (S) Phillip Acord, MAWG 3 Co-Chair
  SMSgt. Jacob Sargent, MAWG 2 Co-Chair  

Background on I-WEPTAC

I-WEPTAC is AFIMSC’s principal innovation platform advancing readiness to fulfill ACS requirements in the National Defense Strategy (NDS), align I&MS priorities with the AF Posture Statement 2020, and deliver agile support in Dynamic Force Employment (DFE) and Global Mobility operations.

Modeled after the CAF WEPTAC, AFIMSC hosted its first I-WEPTAC in 2017. Includes Mission Area Working Groups (MAWGs) comprised of 20-40 cross-functional SMEs from Air Force, Joint, and Combined partners to provide senior leaders with actionable recommendations.

  • Opportunity to leverage multi-discipline/cross-functional Senior Leader involvement
  • Deliberate partnership with Ops to align ACS efforts
  • Teambuilding platform to enhance problem solving skills for next-gen AF leaders
  • Attendance: CSAF, VCSAF, MAJCOM/CCs and SAF I&E

I-WEPTAC examines fundamental installation and mission support (I&MS) challenges to identify deficiencies, shortfalls and developmental gaps that limit the Air Force's and Space Force’s ability to execute and operate efficiently. I-WEPTAC is charged with developing executable courses of action and recommending solutions while providing valuable information to senior leaders. Subsequently, these studies serve to enhance the agility and lethality of Air Force and Space Force combat support operations worldwide.

Every year, I-WEPTAC Mission Area Working Groups (MAWGs) leverage the expertise of Airmen on cross-functional teams who study and develop courses of action for specific mission topics.

Through innovative and outside-the-box thinking, AFIMSC and I-WEPTAC ensure the Air Force and Space Force are always able to answer the nation’s call to fly, fight and win.

For more information, contact the I-WEPTAC Engine Room at AFIMSC.I-WEPTAC@us.af.mil.