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The Air Force's Premier Installation and Mission Support Weapons and Tactics Conference
 I-WEPTAC 2022 is tentatively schedule for 4-6 April 2022


The Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center’s annual Installation and Mission Support Weapons and Tactics Conference, known as I-WEPTAC, was established in early 2017 to drive innovation in the combat support arena.

I-WEPTAC examines fundamental installation and mission support (I&MS) challenges to identify deficiencies, shortfalls and developmental gaps that limit the Air Force's and Space Force’s ability to execute and operate efficiently. I-WEPTAC is charged with developing executable courses of action and recommending solutions while providing valuable information to senior leaders. Subsequently, these studies serve to enhance the agility and lethality of Air Force and Space Force combat support operations worldwide.

Every year, I-WEPTAC Mission Area Working Groups (MAWGs) leverage the expertise of Airmen on cross-functional teams who study and develop courses of action for specific mission topics.

The 2021 MAWG topics were:

I-WEPTAC spawns Combat Support Wing (CSW), Installation Investment Strategy (I2S) 

One example of I-WEPTAC’s success is in the area of agile combat support. Challenges in adaptive basing were studied further during 2018 I-WEPTAC. MAWG No. 4 focused on integrating new, agile unit-type codes into a Combat Support Wing (CSW) construct. The CSW evolved from an idea to form small teams with the capability to conduct agile downrange operations. Airmen stepped out of their comfort zones to learn core skills from other Air Force specialty codes. Proof-of-concept exercises tested and validated this innovative way to deliver lethal airpower efficiently and effectively worldwide.

The I2S blossomed from the Installation Health Assessment.  The IHA initially targeted facility sustainment, restoration and modernization mission areas when it became operational in 2017. AFIMSC added data for additional installation and mission support areas and enhanced predictive analysis capabilities across the 22 installation and mission support areas to better inform those who implement investment strategies.

Through innovative and outside-the-box thinking, AFIMSC and I-WEPTAC ensure the Air Force and Space Force are always able to answer the nation’s call to fly, fight and win.

For more information, please contact the I-WEPTAC Engine Room at AFIMSC.I-WEPTAC@us.af.mil.