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Registration now open for FY23 COSG NOV 2022
“Let's Connect” Force Development Events NOV 2022
AFCEC’s Commander’s Note  NOV 2022
AFIMSC 02F Download-October NOV 2022
Chief Ski's Tidbits NOV 2022
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Brown Bag NOV 2022
Reconciling for Air Force Growth and Development OCT 2022
Chief Ski’s Tidbits OCT 2022
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AFIMSC Knowledge Management 101 SEPT 2022
Lisa Carrington DEIA SEPT 2022
Portfolio transition essential to AFCEC’s design and construction mission SEPT 2022
AFCEC’s Commander’s Note: Merging directorates and moving forward SEPT 2022
Chief Ski’s Tidbits SEPT 2022
Heat Illness SEPT 2022
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Pride Month! Muhammad Zubair JUN 2022
XZ recognizes newly retired leaders JUN 2022
Compass 2022: Enabling Excellence Through Connections JUN 2022
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Air Force Office of Energy Assurance exploring use of geothermal technology MAY 2022
AFCEC expands USFWS partnership to support two additional installations MAY 2022
Retired AFIMSC officer’s story one of determination, perseverance MAY 2022
AFSVC Update MAY 2022
AFCEC hosts virtual Energy Saving Performance Contract workshop APR 2022
We’re LinkedIn but are we? APR 2022
IMSC CIO Highlights APR 2022
Leader of AFCEC BRAC Office announces retirement APR 2022
AFSVC Update APR 2022
AFIMSC Town Hall Questions and Answers-23 Feb 22 MAR 2022
Paving the way to better informed installations decisions MAR 2022
First AFCEC 3D Printed Test Structure at Tyndall AFB MAR 2022
AFSVC Update MAR 2022
AFMC CPI Green Belt Boot Camp 24-27 January 2022 FEB 2022
AFCEC CN members honored FEB 2022
AFCEC Integrated Fuels Team Conducts Operational Tests of DOD Enterprise Sustainment Management System FEB 2022
Compass 2022 May 2-5 in San Antonio FEB 2022
BUILDER Data Confidence dashboard pinpoints which AF facilities have good data FEB 2022
The critical role of strategic planning in I&MS capabilities FEB 2022
AFCEC CP gives update on PTO program FEB 2022
AFSVC Update FEB 2022
Commentary: Equity vs. Equality DEC 2021
Meet newly appointed Air Force Wildland Fire Branch Chief DEC 2021
Richard Kidd and Mark Correll visit Tyndall AFB DEC 2021
National Preparedness Month, AFCEC Leading the Way!  DEC 2021
Zero-emission vehicles: The future of fleet mobility DEC 2021
The SMT Program Office online training session DEC 2021
AFSVC Update DEC 2021
AFSVC Update 1) DoD Grant Awards 2) DOD Virtual High School  NOV 2021
Round Table Exec nomination 1) Executive Council Nomination Form 2) Sub-Committee Chair Nomination Form NOV 2021
Energy Directorate delivers specialized energy manager training NOV 2021
AFCEC strives for respectful engagement with American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes NOV 2021
AFCEC Housing Division participates in Housing Privatization project owners meeting NOV 2021
Location matters! NOV 2021
Keep it in the Circle OCT 2021
AFIMSC's Round Table looking for nominations for #IAMIMSC Award OCT 2021
AFCEC partnership to repair runway at Offutt AFB OCT 2021
The Raven’s Bond: Annual Raven’s Challenge EOD, PSBS Interoperability Exercise OCT 2021
AFCEC assists with Afghan Refugee beddown OCT 2021
PFAS Pilot Study at Eielson OCT 2021
AFCEC Det. 1 holds Expeditionary Collective Protection tabletop exercise OCT 2021
CIO Update OCT 2021
AFSVC Update OCT 2021
AFIMSC seeks challenging I&MS topics for I-WEPTAC SEPT 2021
AFIMSC moves forward with Office of the Future SEPT 2021
Malmstrom AFB receives hydropower allocation, reducing costs and carbon footprint SEPT 2021
AFCEC releases call for installation planning team proposals SEPT 2021
Fire and Emergency Services advancing EMS program SEPT 2021
Commentary: Outline of building a climate of trust SEPT 2021
AFSVC Update SEPT 2021
New MyVector Mentoring Tool Capabilities! AUG 2021
Supervisor safety training reduces workplace hazards AUG 2021
AFCEC launches Air Force tribal relations viewer AUG 2021
AFICC reaches a milestone with Enterprise Business Intelligence charter AUG 2021
Air Force Wildland Fire Branch AUG 2021
Modeling, Simulation: The decision-making process AUG 2021
Q&A with the OEA Director, Mr. Kirk Phillips AUG 2021
Space Launch Delta Civil Engineer and Contracting Squadrons award contract AUG 2021
AFSVC Update AUG 2021
AFCEC Cultural Resources Workshop goes virtual amid pandemic JUL 2021
Tyndall receives $10M in 2021 REPI Challenge JUL 2021
AFSVC Update JUL 2021
Utilizing GIS to support expeditionary bases throughout lifecycles JUL 2021
Commentary: AFIMC sensing sessions critical to understanding ourselves, one another JUN 2021
AFCEC Update JUN 2021
AFSVC Update JUN 2021
Chief Information Officer (CIO) Update JUN 2021
Emergency Management Update JUN 2021
AFCEC achieves environmental milestone with startup of new treatment system at former March AFB MAY 2021
Joint EOD Technology Division delivers brain health brief MAY 2021
Air Force Services Center Update MAY 2021
Acquisition Division institutes SharePoint site MAY 2021
Addressing severe weather and climate threats at installations from a planning perspective MAY 2021
AFCEC, AFLCMC team up to support the warfighter MAY 2021
IHA M&P dashboard allows leaders to see available resources APR 2021
Individual Development Plan APR 2021
AFCEC meets milestones with Moose Creek Environmental Covenants APR 2021
United for Resilience: Preventing Critical Mission Utility Disruptions across the Department of the Air Force APR 2021
Scott AFB Environmental Team Completes POETS Installation at a Local Residence APR 2021
NEPA’s integrated environmental planning supporting U.S. Space Force APR 2021
Air Force Services Center Update APR 2021
AFCEC earns two 2020 Federal Energy and Water Management Awards MAR 2021
Air Force Services Center Update MAR 2021
764 Enterprise Sourcing Squadron Update FEB 2021
773 ESS consolidates $10M in tactical medical coding contracts FEB 2021
Air Force Services Center Update​ FEB 2021
AFCEC team promotes flight safety across the Air Force FEB 2021
EOD team leaders travel in support of presidential inauguration​ FEB 2021
What is Joint Construction Management System (JCMS)? FEB 2021
AFIMSC activates LAUNCH DEC 2020
AFCEC enables partnership between USAFA, Colorado Springs for preservation of endangered species habitat DEC 2020
Air Force Services Center Update​ DEC 2020
AFCEC Housing Training: Leading the Way​ DEC 2020
Linear Audit Readiness Application (LAuRA) improves real property data quality​ DEC 2020
Developing Energy Resilience Solutions with AFCEC’s OEA​ DEC 2020
Air Force observes 24th annual America Recycles Day​ DEC 2020
AFCEC program manager named Energy Manager of the Year​ DEC 2020
Supervisor safety training reduces workplace hazards​ DEC 2020
AFCEC GeoBase Office uses “monolithic” structure for interoperability and data analysis​ NOV 2020
Volunteers clean up McClellan AFB​ NOV 2020
772nd ESS awards six IDIQ contracts for BRAC/CI NOV 2020
Air Force Services Center Update​ NOV 2020
AFIMSC Fall Fest OCT 2020
AFCEC works throughout COVID-19 crisis at former Mather AFB​ OCT 2020
AFCEC GIO’S Operational Support Team for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) capabilities​ OCT 2020
Air Force Services Center Update​ OCT 2020
LiDAR part of digital foundation for installations of future SEPT 2020
AF CE lab delivers needed capabilities for Warfighters SEPT 2020
Air Force Services Center Update SEPT 2020
Lean In Circles foster professional, personal growth AUG 2020
Moose Creek Response to PFOS/PFOA AUG 2020
New updates streamline the Air Force’s Utility Energy Service Contract program AUG 2020
Airman and Family Services Division Leadership changes AUG 2020
AFCEC Constructs U.S. Air Force Academy CyberWorx Facility for Next Generation Cyber Warriors JULY 2020
Continuity thru Chaos: Sustaining Explosive Ordnance Disposal operational readiness JULY 2020
URMT saves Air Force installations millions and wants to assist others in finding potential utility savings JULY 2020
AFCEC Environmental Geographic Information System (GIS) Program JULY 2020