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Office of the Future, or O2F, is AFIMSC’s initiative for a sustainable, hybrid workplace that supports flexible schedules, collaborative work and embraces the methods we have practiced since March 2020. O2F will empower employees with technology, and enable teams to decide where to work, whether that be from home or in the office, on any given day. This may vary depending on employee circumstances or mission needs, but with the understanding that connection, collaboration and innovation will guide each decision.

Man removing cubiclesThe center began remodeling headquarters space in San Antonio on July 26 to support the O2F model

Contractors are replacing about 100 cubicles in two bays of the headquarters – a total of 10,500 square feet – with modern work and collaborative spaces, including multiple team rooms for in-person and virtually supported meetings.

When finished, the areas will feature open, café-style seating where employees can meet and work with coworkers. Sections of cubicles that remain will be turned into hoteling stations, allowing employees greater flexibility and control over where they work to more effectively use the office space while decreasing the footprint of fixed cubicle rows.

AFIMSC employees based in San Antonio will be able to reserve work and collaboration space with hoteling software available through a mobile app, web browser and, eventually, on-site kiosks and displays. When not in the building to collaborate, most employees will be teleworking.  

As O2F is implemented, AFIMSC will gather information and data to establish a business case highlighting how the flexibility associated with the hybrid model has saved AFIMSC in time, money and resources and improved the overall employee experience. Leaders will also use data and lessons learned to improve O2F in real time and shape future rollouts, including other areas in AFIMSC headquarters and offices outside of San Antonio.

To learn more about O2F plans, goals and timelines, view the AFIMSC Office of the Future fact sheet.

Further guidance and information, including hoteling software training, furniture renderings, floorplans and more is available to AFIMSC employees on the O2F SharePoint page at https://usaf.dps.mil/sites/13942/cs/ds/O2F/SitePages/Home.aspx (CAC enabled). 

O2F Video Tutorials

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  • 50-70% telework (up to 80% mission dependent)
  • Shared spaces available to collaborate and gather
  • Smart technology tools to stay connected at home and at work
  • Equally effective and engaged regardless of location
  • Implement O2F strategies beyond AFIMSC HQ