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L2G3: Optimize Community Cohesion to Build Resilient Airmen, Guardians & Families

GOAL DESCRIPTION: We’ll deploy new initiatives and optimize current programs to make sure our most valuable resource, our Airmen and Guardians, and their families, are provided what they need to thrive at work, home and play.


G3.A — Efficiency - Apply economies of scale and a centralized view to save time and resources to improve cohesion and resiliency NLT CY22

G3.B — Optimization - Execute, measure and improve current portfolio of programs NLT CY22

G3.C — Child Care - Advocate for child care expansion funding, execute funded construction projects and increase child care options across the enterprise for FY22

This goal strengthens Airmen, Guardians and families through focused efforts on programs that build resilient military members and strong Air Force and Space Force communities.

We made quite a bit of progress toward accomplishing our goal in 2021. We were able to get our centralized fitness equipment purchasing to the sustainment phase, developed more efficient travel voucher processing and started the lodging of the future study. We also kept working toward our Food 2.0 and campus dining objectives and, despite lack of funding, made progress.

With the diversity of the goal, it is difficult to choose just one. The $12M centralized fitness recapitalization effort has consistently met the 15% annual equipment replacement goal and moved into the sustainment phase. This means our Airmen, Guardians and families are utilizing fitness equipment that is safe and in good working order. Another achievement was reducing PCS vouchers payment timeline to meet or exceed the AF goal of 15 days. We captured areas needing improvement, provided virtual training, and worked one-on-one with both installations and customers to ensure we are paying vouchers within the AF goal.

Through focused efforts to improve our programs, we are achieving our objective of improving cohesion and resiliency in military members and building strong Air and Space Force communities. By taking lessons learned during the fitness recapitalization effort, we are exploring ways to apply the same methodology to recapitalize dining facility equipment and establish a centralized replacement program across the enterprise. 

We hope to keep moving the objectives forward toward accomplishing the goal and continue finding new ways to improve our services and programs.


(Current as of Jan. 14, 2022)