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L2G5: Implement Office of the Future

GOAL DESCRIPTION: Build and benchmark a better, radically new way of working at AFIMSC called the Office of the Future, or O2F. Through a culture of experimentation and innovation, we will establish a new model for office-work that leverages cutting edge information technology to enable collaboration and flexible work in order to optimize resources, maintain connectedness and quality of life while improving mission effectiveness.


G5.A — Distribute monthly O2F newsletters and gather feedback on design plan NLT end of CY22 

G5.B — Integrate/experiment/ scale O2F technologies -- Collect space utilization analytics NLT Jun 2022 to inform future O2F designs 

G5.C — Deliver Infrastructure Investment Strategy effects through Joint Base San Antonio prototyping NLT Dec 2022 

G5.D — Codify O2F implementation guidance by AFIMSC HQ, PSUs and detachments, available for external use by 22 June 2022

We hope to benchmark O2F at AFIMSC and serve as a model for other organizations across the Air Force and Department of Defense looking to implement this type of hybrid work structure.

We initiated our goal in early 2021. Since then, we’ve made significant progress developing and implementing a hybrid work model which incorporates the benefits of teleworking from home along with in-person collaboration in the workplace.

Our biggest accomplishment of 2021 was reaching Initial Operating Capability for our O2F implementation rollout in AFIMSC’s Headquarters building at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas. This rollout incorporated over 300 shared workstations throughout the facility and introduced a proof of concept reservation tool which allows personnel to schedule workspaces and collaboration areas through an easy to navigate web based and mobile platform.

O2F is at the forefront of Air Force Materiel Command’s goal of reducing administrative offices spaces by 40%, and allowing personnel the flexibility to telework up to 50% to 70% of the time. In the early stages of implementation, IMSC has already consolidated over 30,000 square feet of administrative office space which falls directly in line with the Air Force’s long-term Infrastructure Investment Strategy.

The O2F team will continue to experiment and identify additional areas throughout the JBSA headquarters building where we can implement additional space saving and new collaborative designs based on data and lessons learned from our initial rollout. We’ll also expand our coordination efforts within the IMSC enterprise to ensure geographically separated units are fully supported in implementing their own versions of O2F.


To learn more about AFIMSC’s O2F plans, visit or the goal’s SharePoint page at (CAC enabled). 

(Current as of Dec. 22, 2021)