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L2G1: Improve Quality, Utilization & Management of Unaccompanied Housing

Goal Description: AFIMSC is charged with making sure Airmen across the Air Force are ready and installations are operationally resilient and able to produce uninterrupted airpower. This goal focuses on taking care of Airmen by ensuring access to safe, quality dorms thereby allowing them to focus on the mission in support of Air Force Materiel Command, Air Force and national defense priorities.


G1.A — Manage an investment strategy that produces and sustains 80% of the dormitory portfolio at or above a Building Condition Index (BCI) of 80 each FY 

G1.B — Replace all dormitory furnishings by lifecycle or condition life end each FY 

G1.C — Maintain 95% dormitory utilization for 60 installations annually 

G1.D — Implement I-WEPTAC MAWG 1 dormitory items once approved

A big part of taking care of Airmen and Guardians is making sure they have access to safe, quality dorms. Our goal focuses on objectives associated with that so Airmen and Guardians can focus on their mission.

We made a lot of great progress in 2021. We approved $6 million to begin execution of an Air Force wide dormitory master plan (DMP) update, enabling the development of a comprehensive investment strategy for dormitories. Additionally, a 27% increase of sustainment, repair and maintenance dormitory project submissions from the installations ensures we are maintaining quality living standards for our youngest Airmen and Guardians. Lastly, we secured an additional $12 million for dormitory operations and increased visibility and training on internal dormitory management programs.

Starting fiscal year 2023, the Air Force will deliberately make a targeted $175 million annual operations and maintenance (O&M) investment in quality of life facilities, to include dormitories.

With so many dorms in an unacceptable condition, many Airmen are living in dorms that the private sector would not accept. This translates to a lower quality of life, impacts retention and recruitment, and garners scrutiny from concerned stakeholders. When quality and lack of capacity issues arise at installations, AFIMSC is in the unique position to build and resource get-well plans, prioritized by risk and dorm condition, to fix this problem for the entire Air and Space Force.

In 2022, we’ll continue working the dormitory master plan update and we’ll work to improve dormitory condition data and investment decisions to enable funding of the most critical requirements. Our team will also focus on increase dormitory utilization across the service and improve funding for dormitory operations and military construction projects to address deficits.

(Current as of Dec. 22, 2021)