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Improve Housing for Airmen and Families

Yvonne Brabham quoteGoal Leader: Yvonne Brabham, Air Force Housing Division Technical Director, Air Force Civil Engineer Center

Goal Description: This goal commits the Air Force to provide Airmen and their families safe homes and secure communities they are proud to call home. This goal is nested in Air Force Materiel Command’s priority to strengthen the Air Force and Space Force teams by planning and executing programs to build resilient families and improve their quality of life.

LOE 2 Goal 2 Objectives:

  • G2.A — Performance Incentive Fee (PIF) Restructure by May 2021 

    PROGRESS TO DATE: The Air Force Civil Engineer Center has negotiated and implemented revised PIF with three owners and is in final stage with one more.
  • G2.B — Review EFMP in the Leasing Process by CY21 

    PROGRESS TO DATE: Complete
  • G2.C — Process for Reporting Health and Safety Issues by Dec 2021 
  • G2.D — Universal Leases – Navy Led by CY21 

    PROGRESS TO DATE: Eight out of 10 project owners have agreed to implement the Universal Lease, two have declined. Draft leases are under review by the  Air Force Office of General Counsel’s Installations, Energy and Environmental Law Division.
  • G2.E — Dispute Resolution Process by CY21 
  • G2.F — Pursue Jurisdiction at Off-Base Housing by Jan 2021 
  • G2.G — Maintenance Records to New Residents Prior to Lease by Dec 2021 

    PROGRESS TO DATE: Eight out of 10 POs have implemented new process.  
  • G2.H — Review Utility Billing Process by CY21 

What can you tell us about your objectives?
The objective of this goal is to track and achieve 51 Military Family Housing Initiative (MHPI) improvement tasks by the end of 2021. Another objective is to implement all rights as stated in the MHPI Tenant Bill of Rights, signed in February 2020 by the Secretary of the Air Force.

Why is Improving Housing for Airmen and Families important to AFIMSC?
This goal is nested in AFMC strategy by ensuing our military families are living in safe, habitable homes. Housing is an emotional trigger; when our Airmen are satisfied with their housing experience, this leads to a more productive work life balance. This is especially true as families live in the age of COVID.

How does your goal support AFMC, Air Force and National Defense Priorities?
This goal takes care of our most valuable resource, Airmen and their families, with this ethos echoed throughout all echelons starting with the Air Force Priority of Growing Strong Leaders and Resilient Families. We are building a trusting relationship with our Airmen by holding project owners accountable for maintaining safe homes where our Airmen live.

How are you measuring success?
Success is being measured by tracking and achieving 51 MHPI improvement tasks by December 2021 and implementing all tenant rights as stated in the MHPI Tenant Bill of Rights.

(Current as of June 23, 2021)