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L2G2: Improve Housing for Airmen, Guardians and Families

GOAL DESCRIPTION: This goal commits the Air Force to provide Airmen, Guardians and their families safe homes and secure communities they are proud to call home. This goal is nested in Air Force Materiel Command’s priority to strengthen the Air Force and Space Force teams by planning and executing programs to build resilient families and improve their quality of life.


G2.A — Negotiate Performance Incentive Fee (PIF) Restructure by CY22 

G2.B — Develop and Implement a Process for Reporting Health and Safety Issues by March 2022 

G2.C — Finalize and Implement the Universal Leases by June 2022 

G2.D — Implement Dispute Resolution Process by June 22 

G2.E — Develop a process for Project Owners to Provide Maintenance Records to New Residents by June 22 

G2.F — Implement Revised Utility Billing Process by CY22 

G2.G — Institute Section 606 2.5% payments for underfunded projects by July 22 

G2.H — Implement OSD Standards for Inspections & Assessments by CY22

Improvements to the Housing Privatization program ensure residents receive better service, resolve disputes in a faster and more transparent fashion, and have better information to guide decisions about where to live. Overall, the peace of mind that comes from knowing their families are housed in safe, quality environments helps military members focus on their missions and drives retention.

Our team made significant progress in 2021. We reached new PIF agreements with five owners; implemented the new dispute resolution process, the rent segregation process and the seven-year maintenance history process; and we’re reviewing all state addenda for the universal lease so new residents can begin the signing process.

The biggest accomplishments were wins related to the universal lease. The universal lease was agreed to and finalized and now AFCEC, the Air Force General Counsel Installations, Energy and Environmental Law Division, and project owners are reviewing all state-level addenda for each base.

As those addenda are reviewed and completed, universal leases are rolling out to installations. In the meantime, 60 of 68 locations implemented dispute resolution and rent segregation, and 62 of 68 locations implemented the seven year maintenance history.

We’re giving residents better insight into the quality of a home before signing a lease, better avenues to pursue disputes, and more effective ways to pursue monetary damages when rights are not upheld. 

We hope to continue making progress on approving state addenda for the universal lease and having those go into effect. We also hope to make strides with other owners on renegotiating Performance Incentive Fee plans. Finally, once the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Housing provides guidance on the new utility billing process, we are ready to move out and make progress to evolve that objective as well.


(Current as of Dec. 7, 2021)