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LOE 2: Strengthen Airmen, Guardians and Families

We strengthen Airmen, Guardians and families by providing safe places for them to live, train, work and play. We foster the Whole Airmen Concept by delivering quality of life and morale, welfare and recreation programs. By building strong communities where Air Force members have a sense of belonging and security, Airmen and Guardians can concentrate on executing the mission, knowing the Air Force is taking care of them and their families.

Goal 1: Improve Quality, Utilization and Management of Unaccompanied Housing
AFIMSC is charged with making sure Airmen and Guardians across the Air Force are ready and installations are operationally resilient and able to produce uninterrupted airpower. This goal focuses on taking care of Airmen and Guardians by ensuring access to safe, quality dorms thereby allowing them to focus on the mission in support of Air Force Materiel Command, Air Force and national defense priorities.

Goal 2: Improve Housing for Airmen, Guardians and Families
This goal commits the Air Force to provide Airmen, Guardians and their families safe homes and secure communities they are proud to call home. This goal is nested in Air Force Materiel Command’s priority to strengthen the Air Force and Space Force teams by planning and executing programs to build resilient families and improve their quality of life.

Goal 3: Optimize community cohesion to build resilient Airmen, Guardians and families
We’ll deploy new initiatives and optimize current programs to make sure our most valuable resource, our Airmen and Guardians, and their families, are provided what they need to thrive at work, home and play.

Goal 4: Execute Enterprise-wide Customer Service Strategy
We will identify, measure and analyze customer satisfaction to continuously improve enterprise results and external stakeholders’ experience with AFIMSC. We’ll share this customer feedback with the right people, in the right way, at the right time to influence positive changes and a culture of customer satisfaction throughout AFIMSC.

Goal 5: Implement Office of the Future
Build and benchmark a better, radically new way of working at AFIMSC called the Office of the Future, or O2F. Through a culture of experimentation and innovation, we will establish a new model for office-work that leverages cutting edge information technology to enable collaboration and flexible work in order to optimize resources, maintain connectedness and quality of life while improving mission effectiveness.