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L3G6: Increase Organizational Maturity

GOAL DESCRIPTION: When it comes to organizational maturity, our goal is simple: maximize organizational effectiveness and efficiency for maximum mission delivery. This goal defines the optimized organization to help identify and close performance gaps. We highlight and prioritize opportunities and track our progress by measuring AFIMSC against established performance characteristics of organizational maturity.


G6.A — Execute well-rounded Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) program in accordance with (IAW) Air Force Instruction (AFI) 38-401 and AFI 90-201 focusing on both people and processes NLT Dec 2022 

G6.B — Execute one CY22 maturity matrix NLT May CY22 

G6.C — Implement Director of Staff organizational Knowledge Management Strategy across the enterprise NLT CY22

G6.D — Develop and implement no less than 3 value-added AFIMSC operational acquisition processes to support delivering required I&MS capability NLT end of CY22

Being such a young organization, we’ve got an amazing opportunity at AFIMSC. We need to be innovative in our approach to providing service and support to the major command and installations. Our goal focuses on internal processes that will allow us to continue to grow. 

In 2021, our team made significant advancements in increasing our overall organizational maturity. We closed out AFIMSC 2.0 deliverables including mapping 58 key processes across the AFIMSC enterprise that will help to better inform/educate both internal and external customers. Additionally, we saw continuous growth in 13 of 14 key maturity categories based on maturity assessment results. 

Finally, we’ve taken the AFIMSC Strategy program to new levels. We implemented a healthy enterprise wide strategy cadence, where strategy is baked into daily decision making. To help reinforce this culture of strategy, we launched monthly “Strat Chats” with AFIMSC senior leaders, developed a strategy hub to host all things strategy, codified our processes into playbooks and developed the strategy incubatory process.

Our biggest accomplishment was developing and launching the LAUNCH site, the front door to all things AFIMSC: our organization, capabilities and unit directory.

Our organizational maturity efforts ultimately result in providing better service and support to our customers across the Air and Space Forces. Developing tools like LAUNCH allow for better communication with our customers at the major commands and installations while assisting internal AFIMSC teammates with navigating the enterprise.

We are shifting away from closing out AFIMSC 2.0 and focusing on integration across the center using programs like knowledge management and continuous process Improvement to push the organization forward. 


(Current as of Dec. 7, 2021)