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Increase Organizational Maturity

Goal Leader: Chris Underwood, Technical Director, Financial Analysis Division

Goal Description: When it comes to organizational maturity, our goal is simple: maximize organizational effectiveness and efficiency for maximum mission delivery. This goal defines the optimized organization to help identify and close performance gaps. We highlight and prioritize opportunities and track our progress by measuring AFIMSC against established performance characteristics of organizational maturity.

LOE 3 Goal 6 Objectives:

  • G6.A — Measure & Implement - Ensure execution and adoption of prioritized items and fulfill action plans by end of CY21
  • G6.B — Optimize - Improve organizational outcomes through agility and adaptability by achieving maturity matrix level 4 (sustained) by end of CY21
  • G6.C — Strategy - Integrate, build, and automate strategy into enterprise by end of CY21

What can you tell us about your objectives?
Our team is focused on improving key internal business processes that support an optimized organization. Near term objectives include:

  • Implement and execute an AFIMSC strategy to realize performance goals
  • Pursue transformation initiatives to modernize the organization and align our AFIMSC strategy to Air Force and National Defense Strategy demands and challenges in FY21
  • Build a comprehensive capabilities library to replace our founding Program Action Directive 14-04 and associated Programming Plan and provide an AFIMSC authoritative operating instruction that codifies AFIMSC 2.0
  • Evaluate corporate structure reform to establish a battle rhythm, formalize topics and share information for decision making

Why is Increasing Organizational Maturity important to AFIMSC?
An optimized AFIMSC will have a consistently high rate of mission delivery, will be able to easily target large problem sets, can innovate to close performance gaps, and operates with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

How does your goal support AFMC, Air Force and National Defense Priorities?
Pursuing organizational maturity supports Air Force Materiel Command’s LOE 2: Speed with Discipline. This goal drives the center to develop and codify business processes that enable us to rapidly, but with innovation and discipline, deliver our mission to best support our customers. Through strategy, the center will ensure installation and mission support priorities are aligned to AF and NDS priorities.

How are you measuring success? 
Goal 3.6 uses a maturity assessment tool developed for AFIMSC in 2016. There are 14 categories ranging from governance to information technology to supporting people. Currently, the center is progressing toward 2021 and 2026 performance targets and even exceeded some targets as of a 2020 assessment.

Is there anything you would like to add?
AFIMSC is well on its way to an optimized state, but there is more to do. Here are a few of our short-term successes: We’ve officially launched our strategy, we are maturing our approach to performance-based metrics through innovative use of Small Business Innovation Research funds, we are currently exploring future operating models to align with Air Force transformation initiatives, and we are close to closing out AFIMSC 2.0.

(Current as of Feb. 25, 2021)