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L3G2: Increase Innovation Opportunities

GOAL DESCRIPTION: The aim of this goal is to empower Airmen across the organization to find better ways of accomplishing their mission. We need to create a culture, provide the tools and training, and make it easier for anyone in our workforce to navigate that ecosystem successfully. There are amazing amounts of resources and funding our enterprise can tap into and it will continue to grow.


G2.A — Develop – Shepherd three new innovation ideas into implementation while managing 22 existing innovation projects in CY22 

G2.B — Capability – Support four PSU sparks with funding and project tracking for five projects in FY22 

G2.C — Community – Increase and scale five outreach events for FY22 

G2.D — Collaboration – Grow collaboration opportunities 50% in FY22

We are working hand-in-hand with contracting, engineer, defender, and services spark cells to further innovation. This impacts the lives of Airmen and strengthens the bond and working relationship between us, our centers and all we serve.

The team made tremendous progress completing established milestones. We coordinated with AFIMSC PSUs to pursue ideas, running another successful innovation rodeo and moving a combined 25 projects forward. We also hosted the San Antonio Innovation Summit in partnership with the center’s PSUs, AETC, AFPC, as well as city and industry partners. 

Our biggest achievement was our ability to quickly move applications from ideation through execution. We have several in testing or implementation Air Force wide, proving that applications and execution can happen quickly to meet the charge of accelerating change.

The innovations we are working have a direct impact on the daily lives of Airmen, Guardians and their families. For example, intelligent lockers will get packages to Airmen more quickly, even when the post office is closed; using artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and determine roof and facility condition can replace the need for Airmen to do physical inspections; and Kinderspot is helping military families find short-term child care. Additionally, the work we’re doing helps innovators and project managers connect and collaborate Air Force wide, reducing project duplication and increasing effectiveness.

We are posturing for a strong 2022 working with our DoD and industry partners, including expanding work with AFIMSC PSU spark cells and Air Force Gaming. We are also partnering with I-WEPTAC teams to increase industry and government collaboration. Overall, we hope these partnerships will help our team scale and implement goals faster.


(Current as of Dec. 22, 2021)