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L3G3: Improve Strategic Communication

GOAL DESCRIPTION: The focus of this goal is to better connect the AFIMSC team with each other and customers. We accomplish this by delivering a deliberate communication narrative. We coordinate and plan with stakeholders on enterprise-targeted messaging and events. Through collaboration and community, we quickly identify and mitigate areas lacking in persistent, consistent and effective communication.


G3.A — Conduct communication engagements targeted to AFIMSC team and customers to grow AFIMSC awareness, understanding and advocacy NLT CY22 

G3.B — Grow communication platform followership/views by 20% in CY22 

G3.C — Complete 2022 AFIMSC Communication Strategy execution by end of CY22

Strategic communication raises the awareness and understanding of the workforce and customer base. By doing that, we become more accessible and better capable of meeting mission needs in a timely and efficient manner. As we seek to accelerate change, stronger communication ties can lead to faster decision-making and fielding of initiatives.

We were able to better connect with our internal team and customers with strategic communication initiatives such as senior leader videos, marketing our big events and establishing a quarterly external newsletter. We also grew our website and social media presence, which allows us to communicate with a larger audience about the AFIMSC team and its people. 

Because of COVID-19, we placed a greater emphasis on ensuring we maintained the information flow to our internal team with monthly leadership videos, commanders calls and town halls. We were very successful in sticking to the plan and keeping the commander’s voice in the conversation despite the challenges of very limited travel. 

An informed AFIMSC team better understands its mission and how the command’s operations contribute to lethality, readiness and caring for service members and their families. It instills pride and ownership of the mission and drives the team to perform at a higher level.

We hope to expand on the progress of the last year, which in many ways served as a baseline from which to measure future progress. So we’ll continue to market our platforms internally and externally, seek to improve and expand customer relations, and look for innovative ways to tell our story.

I encourage our teammates to stay informed by getting connected to our many communication platforms:

(Current as of Dec. 7, 2021)