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Ensure Connectedness Across AFIMSC

Goal Leader: Chief Ludwigsen quote
Chief Master Sgt. Edwin Ludwigsen, Command Chief Master Sergeant

Goal Description: We are a stronger and more successful team when we are connected across our global enterprise. The AFIMSC team is the sum of all our military, civilian and contractor members and their families. This goal ensures connectedness between the headquarters, primary subordinate units and detachments through targeted data-informed opportunities, tools and processes. It will improve transparency, communication, and a shared sense of belonging and purpose.

LOE 3 Goal 5 Objectives:

  • G5.A — Identify - Collect data on events hosted, diversify events held, track post event data after each event by end of CY21

    PROGRESS TO DATE: Our team meets every week, including once a month in person. We started a list of potential areas to connect and we're working with our partners in LOE3 to eliminate eliminate duplication or similar efforts.
  • G5.B — Detect - Strengthen methods of detecting & execute connectedness needs by CY21

    PROGRESS TO DATE: A Connectedness Committee sub-group is developing an event feedback tool that will be key for data collection as we begin measuring success.
  • G5.C — Analyze - Interpret data to determine what events are successful and prioritize future efforts by CY21
  • G5.D — Grow - Map network of outreach and connectedness across all AFIMSC by March 2021

    PROGRESS TO DATE: We're about 70% complete in the development of an IAMIMSC app. The app is part of the What's Up app and will serve as a centralized bulletin board for the organization, helping Airmen and families stay informed and connected.

What can you tell us about your objectives?
We believe our efforts to achieve these objectives will be from an iterative perspective as we continue to tailor our actions through repetition while we incrementally grow, develop and sustain courses of action that contribute to the overall goal of generating connectedness “buzz” across AFIMSC.

Why is ensuring connectedness across AFIMSC important to the center?
This goal contributes to AFIMSC MVPs (mission, vision/values and priorities); specifically integration with our values of Family & Fun, Trust & Transparency, Responsiveness, Innovation, Diversity and Empowerment. All of the values are important as they contribute to collaboration across our diverse unit to meet the needs and wants of the organization. This LOE is one that reaches out beyond just the members of AFIMSC. We need to synchronize with our spouses and families as well. It is important that we put forth a concerted and consistent effort to contact spouses and families and do all we can to “pull them in” or “reach out to them” and CONNECT with them regularly.

Through the LOE initiatives that AFIMSC is working toward, we’re in a great position to sync up with our spouses and get a lot of great feedback about what their needs/wants are from our organization. We’ve leveraged all of that input to help us develop some possible action plans – including multiple social media platforms, social groups, ideas/best practices from similar centers, AFIMSC app, and more – that get after those areas where we can better connect with them to share information, networking resources, points of contact for support across an installation, etc. Through communication and connectedness, we’re in position to do some great things for our teammates.

How does your goal support AFMC, Air Force and National Defense Priorities?
Our AFIMSC LOE and goal cascades from the NDS, Air Force and AFMC Priorities as connectedness contributes to greater opportunities to develop integration internally and externally. Integration supports and facilitates better business practices, warfighting concepts, and change management strategies from our institutional and organizational leaders, including the CSAF strategic approach “Accelerate Change or Lose.”

We can also boost personal and professional bonds that strengthen our entire team, including members and families. Being better connected can help us improve talent management, resiliency, and diversity and inclusion, all of which contribute to greater capabilities. The AFIMSC LOEs and goals strategically align to ensure our resources and actions align to the higher headquarters MVPs and objectives in support of the I&MS enterprise. 

How are you measuring success? 
We will collect baseline data on AFIMSC Round Table activities, AFIMSC Directorate of Personnel developmental events, chaplain engagement efforts and other viable sources to determine the raw numbers for each event, including resources, time, money, effort, schedule, etc. We have some traditional recurring events that support connectedness – including the Spring Olympics, summer events, Fall Fest, Thanksgiving and holiday parties – and we know we do those events well.

However, we need to gather data and determine what worked well and what didn’t. Do folks at the PSUs or detachments feel connected the same way teammates at the AFIMSC HQ do with those events? Can we connect better with them virtually for events they host or support that are centric to their location or their operational specific culture, such as security forces, civil engineering, services, or overseas detachments? We solicit feedback from multiple data sources as needed to help us better tailor events, create new events or even stop having a certain event if it isn’t meeting the mark. That is where the iterative process will be value added. The steady repetition of collecting data, reviewing data, accessing/revising/changing plans as needed and executing while we incrementally grow will help us develop and sustain COAs that contribute to the overall connectedness goal and, again, create that “buzz.”

What are your next steps?
Our team will continue hosting events and partnering with AFIMSC PSUs, directorates and detachments to identify small/quick wins and present a positive message about connecting. We're also working to finalize the standardized feedback tool and develop a center-wide events calendar that will be shared and briefed across the center as soon as it's ready.

(Current as of July 16, 2021)