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Develop I&MS Experts & Leaders

Goal Leader: Rob Jackson, AFIMSC Director of Personnel  Rob Jackson quote

Goal Description: This goal seeks to optimize the onboarding hiring process, and achieve deliberate growth by developing, implementing and maximizing force development opportunities, processes and programs required to improve and retain enterprise talent. It provides direction to develop and sustain competent installations and mission support Airmen, setting the foundation for the development of specific experiential opportunities and programs to educate, train, and purposefully develop a highly trained and multi-faceted I&MS workforce. 

LOE 3 Goal 4 Objectives:

  • G4.A — Hiring Process - Decrease civilian hiring timeline through workforce planning by 15% in FY21
  • G4.B — Rotation - Establish a rotation program target of 2-3% within the Center (5% stretch) (Broadening and Experiential)
  • G4.C — Career Planning - Increase IDP utilization by 70% by end of year
  • G4.D — Training & Education - Increase training and education participation by 10% per year
  • G4.E — ROI - Capture and track the data that shows the impact of force development execution

What can you tell us about your objectives?
We have seven main objectives:

  • Publish an AFIMSC supplement for Center Senior Functional roles and responsibilities
  • Designate 5% of AFIMSC positions as “experiential” by the end of the year
  • Increase Individual Development Plan utilization by 70% by the end of the year
  • Decrease the competency/certification gap by 10%
  • Increase training and education participation by 10% per year
  • Capture and track the data that shows the impact of force development execution
  • Decrease civilian hiring timeline by 15% in FY21

Why is increasing I&MS career opportunities important to AFIMSC? Providing opportunities for personal and professional growth enables us to develop and sustain a highly capable, high-performing, diverse team with the ability to perform in complex environments. During strategy sessions in early 2020, the leadership team realized we needed continued emphasis on developing I&MS professionals and a formal line of effort that focuses on career development, training and support in order to promote growth within our organization. This goal and its overarching “Pursue Organizational Excellence” line of effort empowers us to continue achieving excellence internally so we can continue to improve our support for the mission by leveraging human capital and talent within AFIMSC. 

How does your goal support AFMC, Air Force and National Defense Priorities?
Our goal focuses on developing our most valuable asset: people. A trained and developed team is foundational to increasing lethality and readiness. Each higher echelon maintains a line of effort, policy, and/or strategy that incorporates the development of our human capital workforce. Our goal aligns with and supports higher-level priorities as we continue to create/increase opportunities in order to develop our people and increase their knowledge, skills and abilities in order to be competitive and maintain the world’s greatest workforce.  

How are you measuring success?
Most of our objectives have a numerical goal to ascertain success. However, success is not just measured by numbers. Success is also defined by how we develop our people and provide the processes, support and tools needed that enable us to be exceptional. As our goal continues to mature, we’ll periodically need to reassess whether the training, development and force management efforts are meeting current capabilities and they’re flexible enough to respond to future requirements.

(Current as of Feb. 25, 2021)