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L3G4: Develop I&MS Experts and Leaders

GOAL DESCRIPTION: This goal seeks to optimize hiring processes and talent management and achieve deliberate growth by developing, implementing, and maximizing force development opportunities, processes & programs required to improve and retain enterprise talent. It provides direction to develop and sustain competent installations and mission support Airmen, setting the foundation for the development of specific rotation experiential opportunities and programs to educate, train, and purposefully develop a highly trained and multi-faceted I&MS workforce.


G4.A — Hiring Process - Decrease civilian hiring timeline though workforce planning by 15% in FY22 

G4.B — Rotation - Establish a rotation program target of 2-3% within the Center (5% stretch) (Broadening and Experiential) to include enlisted participation; begin execution/ placement by 3rd Qtr 

G4.C — Career Planning - Increase individual development plan (IDP) utilization by 85% by end of year 

G4.D — Training & Education - Increase training and education participation by 10% per year and seek funding to support AFIMSC’s UFR requirements 

G4.E — Capture and track data that shows the impact of force development execution through assessing qualitative and quantitative ROI & by identifying key indicators by Mar 22; Report analysis by end of CY 

G4.F — Establish Supervisor Rotation Program; Expand Center-wide; begin execution/placement by 3rd Qtr 

G4.G — Establish AFIMSC civilian force renewal program by end of CY; Evaluate enterprise civilian positions for restructuring to provide target/ developmental opportunities to renew the force

G4.H — Monitor effectiveness of mentoring efforts (ongoing surveys/data analytics)

Talent management is key to integrating delivery of installation and mission support capabilities. From timely recruitment to developmental opportunities, human resources lifecycle programs help the center grow and retain the right talent for the mission. 

We had a successful year and identified opportunities for improvement as program efforts evolved. We made strides improving the hiring process and created a standard vacancy report tracking system for AFIMSC. We also expanded the experiential rotation program to include enlisted teammates, expanded training and educational course offerings, and significantly increased individual development plan completion rates. 

In 2021, we revamped the rotation experiential and broaden horizons opportunity programs and implemented the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Total Force eLearning program. 

Effective and timely recruitment and developmental opportunities increase lethality and readiness for installation and mission support capabilities across the Air and Space Force. Our strategy postures employees and leaders to succeed in their current jobs and future opportunities across the service. 

In 2022, we want to increase participation and interest in personal and professional development tools, programs and events. We also plan to standardize recruitment processes across the center and automate requests for personnel actions to eliminate email as the entry point. Finally, we want to assign qualified supervisors to positions that combine various talents from across the AFIMSC enterprise to leverage capabilities, maximize efficiency, and effectiveness in support of the center’s overall force development efforts. 


(Current as of Jan. 24, 2022)