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L3G8: Building an Inclusive and Equitable Culture/Environment

GOAL DESCRIPTION: Foster and sustain an inclusive organizational infrastructure with corresponding practices to ensure AFIMSC employees uphold the center’s strategy and framework for success in maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce.


G8.A — Conduct/coordinate unconscious bias training opportunities for all AFIMSC personnel; mandatory for both military and civilian managers/ supervisors with an expectation of 90% completion by the close of the current performance period, March 31, 2022, and 55% completion for the enterprise population by April 29, 2022 

G8.B — Unit population of 70% attend one sensing session per quarter 

G8.C — Coordinate/conduct an annual diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility focus day session; with at least 75% attendance of enterprise population. 

G8.D — Build an AFIMSC dashboard to identify center demographic data on race, ethnicity, age, education, and gender diversity to identify possible barriers to build equitable and inclusive workspaces NLT CY23

AFIMSC seeks to create and sustain a healthy command climate that is inclusive and equitable for all service members and civilian employees. This includes the right to serve, advance and be evaluated based on individual merit, fitness, capability and performance in an environment free of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and other identifying attributes.

Increasing awareness around the discussion about diversity, and creating an inclusive working environment, improves productivity and creates an atmosphere where people feel comfortable sharing their perspectives without fear of bias and retaliation. Providing these strategies promotes a culture of equity and inclusion across the enterprise and ultimately addresses unfair policies, procedures, barriers and practices.

When employees know they are part of an inclusive and equitable environment, everyone in the organization benefits. The climate increases understanding, promotes both evaluation and elimination of barriers to success, and ultimately improves the center’s ability to support our Air and Space Force customers.

Additionally, the consideration of fairness, justice and respect is a crucial and intentional effort to the development of this goal. As we build and institutionalize these concepts into our organizational culture, we unleash each team member’s full potential to innovate, solve problems and get results. 

The goal is to develop, recommend and identify implementation processes for future training, plans, policies and procedures for AFIMSC leadership and establish best practices for the workforce. We believe enhancing diversity and inclusion through professional development, education and training will ensure equal opportunity for all AFIMSC Airmen.

(Current as of Dec. 10, 2021)