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L1G4: Revolutionize Base Lethality

GOAL DESCRIPTION: Using several key processes, this goal develops actionable steps to transform the “installation of today” to the “future blueprint” through effective resourcing in a constrained environment. This holistic approach empowers an installation’s ability to achieve mission success using existing capabilities, through innovation and resource-informed advocacy.


G4.A — Complete Gap analysis via 3 chalks to create prioritized list of AOBL Flt Plan options for FY25 POM 

G4.B — Implement Mission Assurance model across AFIMSC installation to identify, categorize and prioritize mission risks NLT FY 22 

G4.C — Identify, track and advocate for I&MS shortfall priorities by theater - equip, building, people

Installations are the power projection platforms that we fight from; this goal ensures our installations are on the leading edge and our Airmen and Guardians have what they need to survive and thrive.

Our team did a tremendous job in all three objectives to better define our success and rewrite the goal’s objectives and milestones to make them actionable. 

Some of our accomplishments include publishing the Adaptive Operations for Base Lethality (AOBL) Flight Plan – formerly known as the Fight the Base Flight Plan – and standing up three chalks to identify and prioritize the gaps which will be brought into the Program Objective Memorandum, or POM, process to compete for funding.

Additionally, the team codified and implemented a review process for Installation and Mission Support Weapons and Tactics Conference recommendations, ensuring they are tracked and completed so the great work of the mission area working groups is pursued to the benefit of the Air Force.  

The work the Tyndall Program Management Office is doing on command and control, specifically IROC and development of the digital twin, could revolutionize C2. The advancements and impact on first responders makes me look forward to further development and refinement in 2022.

These accomplishments are setting the foundation for making installations, our power projection platforms, more ready, resilient and lethal as we continue the work to identify the Gaps, revolutionize our C2 capabilities and field capabilities for our installations to enable them to thrive in the high end fight.

Looking forward to finishing up the AOBL chalks and then prioritizing the GAPS what we as an installation and mission support community need to get after to make our installations more survivable and capable. Also can’t wait to see what to see the progress we make in the C2 arena to bring the different I&MS functional communities disparate systems together.


(Current as of Dec. 6, 2021)