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Revolutionize Base Lethality

Kent White quoteGoal Leader: Kent White, AFIMSC Plans and Programs Division Chief

Goal Description: Using several key processes, this goal develops actionable steps to transform the “installation of today” to the “future blueprint” through effective resourcing in a constrained environment. This holistic approach empowers an installation’s ability to achieve mission success using existing capabilities, through innovation and resource-informed advocacy.

LOE 1 Goal 4 Objectives:

  • G4.A — Base survivability - Operationalize the Fight the Base flight plan by end of FY21 

    PROGRESS TO DATE: There have been great changes in this objective as the AFIMSC Expeditionary Support and Innovation Directorate team has revamped their approach and is ready to roll. The fight the base flight plan should be hitting the streets soon and the team is getting ready to kick off the first of three 90-day chalks that will be performing gap analysis for the different functional areas with the first out brief to leadership in November 2021.
  • G4.B — Optimize - Create framework for installation of the future blueprint w/2 focus areas by end of FY21

    PROGRESS TO DATE: Over the past couple of months, we have refocused and narrowed the objective to concentrate on the command and control and common operating picture of the base of the future to better define the objective and set expectations for what we are really trying to get after. We are making good progress and this objective is on track.
  • G4.C — Advocate - Identify, track, and advocate for I&MS shortfall priorities by theater - equip, building, people

    PROGRESS TO DATE: This objective is squarely on track as we begin to roll into the next Program Objective Memorandum build starting in September. We will hold POM working groups in the fall to identify shortfalls and prioritize them during our Installation & Mission Support governance in January/February 2022.

What can you tell us about your objectives?
To increase lethality and readiness as defined by resilient and ready installations, revolutionize basing lethality will focus on three areas:

  • Base survivability: operationalize the Fight the Base flight plan by the end of fiscal year 2021;
  • Creation of a blueprint for installation of the future by end of fiscal year 2021; and
  • Establishment of a baseline to identify, track, and advocate for installation and mission support shortfall priorities by theater, including equipment, buildings and people.

What positive impact has your progress had on Airmen, commanders and/or the mission so far?  
Our objectives are longer term, with lots of work to do before we see impacts at the installation level for objectives A and B. But we have seen progress in objective C, as we are identifying critical shortfalls for air base resiliency efforts to include updating explosive ordnance disposal robots and researching new materials for rapid runway repair to establishing funding for combat Airmen to include body armor specific for female Airmen.

What challenges have you encountered along the way and how have you adjusted for them?
Just getting our arms around and defining installation of the future and narrowing the scope to ensure it was understandable and measurable was challenging.

Why is Revolutionizing Base Lethality important to AFIMSC? 
AFIMSC leads the charge for base lethality as we provide the civil engineering expertise, skill and innovation in airfield damage repair to quickly assess, repair and return the runway and base to operational status. AFIMSC also provides security forces and the equipment needed to protect aircraft and facilities for the fight and deterrence. In addition, AFIMSC provides the services to feed and care for our Airmen, which remains a critical piece of providing basing lethality the world over.

How does your goal support AFMC, Air Force and National Defense Priorities?
Building a more lethal force is one of three lines of effort central to the National Defense Strategy laid out in 2018. By providing basing lethality, each installation becomes a weapon system poised to meet today’s challenges, while maintaining the deterrence required to protect our national resources.

How are you measuring success?
Each objective is measured by a timeline to formulate, operationalize and field respective initiatives. This could take months and years to accomplish as each initiative is unique and supports the fight. Establishing a baseline for IM&S shortfall priorities will guide and reveal opportunities for improvement in advocacy of resources.

What are your next steps? 
We’ll continue monitoring progress and adapt objectives as needed.


(Current as of July 30, 2021)