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Prioritize Airmen Readiness

Col. Andrew PateGoal leader: Col. Andrew Pate, Chief, Expeditionary Support Division, AFIMSC Expeditionary Support and Innovation Directorate

Goal Description: A top AFIMSC priority is Airmen readiness, which relies on dynamic programs and funding to produce highly trained and mission-ready Airmen. This goal will prioritize training funding to reduce gaps and prevent bases from making high-risk choices that leave the Air Force vulnerable.

LOE 1 Goal 5 Objectives:

  • G5.A — Monitor and report training deficiencies for I&MS Airmen required to attend Silver Flag every quarter 
  • G5.B — Formally train 80%  encumbered Civilian Defenders by start of FY23 
  • G5.C — Develop five new increments of the Contingency Contracting Officer training program - 1 per year for 5 years, beginning FY20 
  • G5.D — Centrally fund 100% Mission Readiness Training starting in FY21 
  • G5.E — Increase overall AFIMSC Mission Readiness Training execution rate to >95%Goal Leader

What can you tell us about your objectives?
We have five objectives:

1. Monitor and report training deficiencies quarterly for Installation and Mission Support Airmen required to attend Silver Flag, an intense course conducted at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida; Andersen Air Force Base, Guam; and Ramstein Air Base, Germany. The course teaches and reinforces skills necessary for I&MS Airmen to enter a hostile, unestablished area and create a working air base.
2. Formally train 80% of new civilian Defenders by the start of fiscal year 2023.
3. Develop five new increments of the contingency contracting officer training program – one per year for five years.
4. Centrally fund 100% mission readiness training starting in fiscal year 2021.
5. Increase overall AFIMSC mission readiness training attendance to more than 95%.

Why is prioritizing Airmen readiness important to AFIMSC?
All of our goals help AFIMSC enhance I&MS warfighter readiness and lethality. Additionally, goal 5 focuses the AFIMSC enterprise on supporting Airmen and maximizing their readiness to ensure we are able to meet National Defense Strategy requirements.

How does your goal support AFMC, Air Force and National Defense Priorities?
The individual Airman is at the heart of all we do in the Air Force. The goal to prioritize Airmen readiness takes a deliberate and focused look at how we prepare them for mission requirements. We are the Airman’s advocate and prioritize resources for their training and development. This enterprise perspective supports Air Force and National Defense Priorities by ensuring they’re fully trained for mission requirements.

How are you measuring success?
Monthly Defense Readiness Reporting is reviewed for mission support Airmen along with training milestones to ensure objectives are kept on track. That progress is reported quarterly to AFIMSC leadership for engagement and advocacy.

(Current as of Feb. 25, 2021)