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L1G1: Optimize Infrastructure

GOAL DESCRIPTION: The Air Force must slow down or halt the degradation in the most critical infrastructure assets based on their importance to the National Defense Strategy. This goal is putting plans in place so AFIMSC can better advocate for infrastructure funding, effectively spend the resources we get and ensure bases spend their resources effectively in line with the Infrastructure Investment Strategy.


G1.A – Achieve 2.3% plant replacement value funding in accordance with Infrastructure Investment Strategy (I2S) with focus on both numerator (POM resourcing) and denominator (footprint redux)

G1.B – Plant Replacement Value (PRV) reduction 1.2 million square feet annually in accordance with I2S

G1.C – Reduce degraded high Mission Dependency Index & focused infrastructure no later than (NLT) 30 Sep 22

G1.D – Execute FY23 approved decentralized facilities sustainment, restoration and modernization (dFSRM) incentives tracking and supporting FY22 performance & develop FY24 infrastructure optimization incentives

Infrastructure optimization is a critical component of the AFIMSC mission. Air Force and Space Force infrastructure funding is the center’s largest portfolio. Optimizing the investment of these funds brings a positive impact to the center’s mission effectiveness.

We made huge progress in data-driven, decision-making capabilities. The development of two asset management tools for data analysis of facilities and transportation infrastructure led to the establishment of a focused investment strategy to improve the conditions of dormitory and child development center assets. FSRM incentives were also implemented to improve infrastructure data quality, obligation rates, and focus investments toward infrastructure in the optimal lifecycle range and demolition projects toward reducing footprint.

Developing and issuing the new Authority to Advertise memorandum for the FY22 decentralized FSRM program was our biggest achievement. Issuing advanced authority to installations in July 2021 enabled an advanced start in the FY22 dFSRM execution process which increased project execution capacity and capability at local levels to optimize infrastructure.

Overall, our work is helping the Air Force better manage infrastructure and resources. In addition to that, the dorm and CDC focused investment strategy will boost quality of life for Airmen, Guardians and families. 

We will build on our data analysis tools with the development of the utilities infrastructure asset management tool. A new incentive will improve real property records and increase accuracy of facility sustainment modelling. We will also increase focus on demolition efforts to reduce infrastructure footprint and advocate to include a FY24 POM disconnect between current FSRM funding and the 2.3% plant replacement value goal established by the I2S.


(Current as of Dec. 6, 2021)