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L1G6: Create Data Driven Execution Plan Process

GOAL DESCRIPTION: Using a deliberate process, this goal delivers a viable path toward the development of a data driven execution plan tool. The tool will support each of our I&MS portfolios and be customized to meet their specific validation and execution plan processes.


G6.A — Requirements: Define current processes, best practices, performance metrics, and risk profiles NLT Feb 22 

G6.B — Design: Determine optimal validation and allocation framework and business rules for three portfolios NLT Jul 22 

G6.C — Implementation: Summarize successful outcomes by back-testing the model and finalize business rules for the three portfolios NLT CY Oct 22 

G6.D — Verification: Validate model produces equitable and efficient outcomes; publish business rules by March 2023 

G6.E — Maintenance: Adjust model to evolving strategies to include the POM by Dec 2023

Advances in data analytics affords us the opportunity to optimize installation execution planning while reducing administrative burden to our installations. Creating a new goal to create a viable path toward the development of a data driven execution plan tool helps AFIMSC focus appropriate effort and resources on achieving our objectives.

Using data to help ensure AFIMSC is putting our constrained resources against the right requirements in the year of execution helps the center enhance I&MS warfighter readiness and lethality.

Creating an agile, innovative, data driven funds allocation process supports the National Defense Strategy focus area to reform the Air Force’s business practices to include improving its financial processes, systems, and tools to understand, manage and improve cost.

We’ll measure success by progressing through the program objectives and milestones which includes requirements, design, verification and maintenance. For the first quarter of 2022, we will be focused on requirements before moving to design phase in the second quarter. Based on success with requirements and design, we will target implementation, verification and maintenance in the third and fourth quarter.

We’re excited about the opportunity to leverage our tremendous progress with data analytics to support our installations and the overall enterprise in an area that really matters. Many of our portfolios have made significant progress using data to inform their execution plans and the end game is to offer our 10 portfolios valued execution plan decision support to ensure the optimal validation and allocation of our constrained resources. This will be a heavy lift, but with support and collaboration from enterprise managers and their subject matter experts, I’m confident we can make progress toward realizing our goal.

(Current as of Jan. 14, 2022)