AFIMSC I-WEPTAC 2023 MAWG 3 chair spotlight

  • Published
  • By Malcolm McClendon
  • AFIMSC Public Affairs

Lt. Col. Kale McGinnis, chief of the AFIMSC Resources Directorate Installation Support Branch, is the chair for Mission Area Working Group 3 at the 2023 Installation and Mission Support Weapons and Tactics Conference.

The out-briefs will take place on Oct. 4 with the four MAWGs delivering their solutions to installation and mission support challenges to Air Force and Space Force leaders here.

McGinnis and his team are developing solutions for the following topic:

Combat Support Training Ranges - Providing Regional Readiness Training & Expeditionary Combat Support Certification.

Combat Support and Combat Service Support formations lack an integrated handbook providing guidance for unit led training and AFFORGEN-sequenced training and certification events at Combat Support Training Ranges. Additionally, the Air Force lacks a CONOP articulating the CSTR program mission and the roles, responsibilities and business rules for its stakeholders. This MAWG’s work will directly inform how wings, groups and squadrons utilize CSTRs to prepare Airmen to survive and operate while delivering expeditionary combat support in a high-end fight.

We asked McGinnis a few questions about the topic, being a MAWG chair and how the team’s solutions will impact the Air and Space Forces.

  • Please describe why you feel you were chosen for the topic and what experience you bring to the team. 

While serving as the operations chief for the 633th Civil Engineer Squadron at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia, I had the opportunity to be the 633th Wing’s commander for Air Combat Command’s Lead Wing exercises. This opportunity provided me an excellent introduction into the challenges the Combat Support and Combat Support Service formations face in organizing, training and equipping within the Air Force’s new force presentation model. It also provided me great insight into the capability gaps that currently exist in training these formations. As the MAWG 3 Chair, I look forward to leveraging my experience and insight to help shape how the DAF will develop and employ Combat Support Training Ranges to eliminate this critical capability gap.

  • Why is the topic you’re solving for important for the DAF?

As we transition from two-plus decades of low intensity conflict to preparing our forces for the high-end fight, it is critical we develop and effectively employ training platforms such as Combat Support Training Ranges to provide our Combat Support and Combat Support Service formations with worldclass and realistic training.

  • How does it feel to be part of an event that can change the Air and Space Forces?

It feels great to be in a position where I can inform and help shape the future of the DAF. In response to General Brown’s, “Accelerate change or lose,” the Air Force is undergoing the most significant change in how we present forces and I’m excited to be a part of the I-WEPTAC team in making sure we get this right.

This year’s event will be recorded, and the video will be made available shortly after the conference. Visit the 2023 I-WEPTAC website for the link more information.