Department of the Air Force recognizes Energy Awareness Month

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  • By Air Force Energy Public Affairs
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ARLINGTON, Va. (AFNS) -- Energy Awareness Month gives the Department of the Air Force the opportunity every October to look at the critical role energy plays in its combat capabilities and readiness.

This year marks the final iteration of the three-year observance theme, “Energy Able, Mission Capable.”

This month also serves as a chance for the department to emphasize the strategic importance of mitigating and adapting to climate change through energy-informed solutions.

“Effectively distributing, generating, and managing energy and fuel should be a top priority for all Airmen and Guardians,” said Jennifer Miller, acting assistant secretary of the Air Force for installations, environment and energy. “To win a conflict against a peer competitor, specifically China or Russia, energy-informed solutions are critical to not only enhance the combat capability and readiness of our aircraft and installations, but to improve fuel efficiency and mitigate climate change.”

As the battlefield grows increasingly complex and extreme weather events become more frequent, supplying power to the force safely, reliably and efficiently remains fundamental to mission success.

Department of the Air Force installations have conducted “black-start” exercises, which have allowed the strategic planning and testing of energy systems during major power outages or other utilities failures. Additionally, joint wargaming efforts have highlighted energy supply chain vulnerabilities and provided an opportunity to decrease energy and logistics risk.

The Department of the Air Force is pursuing advanced propulsion, drag reduction technologies, engine sustainment and planning software in its aircraft to streamline operations and fly more fuel-efficiently for extended range and loiter time.

To help spread awareness of energy initiatives, visit the Energy Awareness Month website and follow the hashtags #EnergyAbleMissionCapable and #NoFuelNoFight on the Air Force Energy Facebook and Twitter pages.