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#IAMIMSC: Kami Brown

IAMIMSC spotlight graphic for Kami Brown

(U.S. Air Force graphic by Jim Martinez)

#IAMIMSC: Kami Brown

Duty title and unit: Security Forces Program Manager, AFIMSC Det 5, Joint Base Andrews, Maryland

Primary duty responsibilities: I am responsible for providing installation and expeditionary mission support to higher headquarters, AFIMSC, the Air Force District of Washington and subordinate organizations. I advise numerous commanders and staff functions on all things security; force protection, antiterrorism, resource protection and physical security.

What’s the best part of your job? 
Serving in the National Capital Region, I am often afforded the opportunity to work hand in hand with all levels of government and sister services.    

Why are you and your job important to the Air Force and AFMC? 
As the Detachment 5 security forces subject matter expert on AFIMSC’s front line, I am the go-to for installation and mission support for two extremely important installations in the National Capital Region. I ensure that each base has sufficient resources and expertise to support the President, Congress and senior leaders. I personally provide security support to each base and the major command to allow them to perform their critical mission in a safe, secure environment. In addition, I have direct contact to headquarters Air Force Security Forces and the Air Force Security Forces Center for support on any issue requiring additional resources and task specific input.

What’s a recent project that gave you a great sense of accomplishment? 
Our transition team, in partnership with many entities – including the Navy, Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron One (Presidential Helicopters), the Army Corp of Engineers, the District of Columbia Planning Commission and the Air Force Security Forces Center – was integral in security planning and future development in transferring the lead responsibilities of Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling from the Navy to the Air Force.   

Any claims to fame? 
I am currently a National/Maryland State Certified Emergency Medical Technician. I volunteer over 20 hours a month with a local, civilian fire department as the officer in charge of a basic life support ambulance crew. I also train new first responders on patient care and life saving measures.   

Do you follow any mantra? 
One Team, One Fight

Which AFIMSC value do you identify with the most and why?
Responsiveness. Responsiveness in my opinion is not only the key to mission success through approachability but also effective and timely communication. Ultimately, when we are responsive we aid our customers and team members in individually and organizationally solidifying mission needs and expectations by supporting involvement.