Mission Monday: Acquisition Law

  • Published
  • By AFIMSC Public Affairs

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas – It’s Mission Monday! Meet Jay Porier an acquisition fraud senior attorney in the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center’s Legal Office.

He assists acquisition and program team members across the center’s mission areas with ensuring their acquisitions are conducted with integrity and helps them avoid conflicts of interest. 

“When bad actors violate procurement integrity rules, I work with investigators and attorneys from other Air Force units and the Department of Justice to assist with the appropriate responses,” he said, whether they be criminal, civil, administrative or contractual remedies.

We asked Porier to tell us more about himself and the work he does for the center and Department of the Air Force.

What do you love about your job?
Being part of a team that helps ensure Air Force money is protected from bad actors and that those who commit fraud are caught and dealt with appropriately.

When it comes to your job, what keeps you motivated?
Each case I work on is different. Learning the details of a new case keeps me motivated.

Why are you and your team important to the Air Force/Space Force enterprise/your customers?
I help ensure that bad actors who corrupt the Air Force acquisition process are dealt with appropriately. 

Describe a project/event you and your team worked on recently that gave you a great sense of accomplishment: 
I assisted the local U.S. Attorney’s Office in the prosecution of a criminal case in which a contractor chief executive officer bribed an Air Force employee to steer multi-million dollar contracts to his company. Several contractor employees were involved in the scheme. We were able to get a financial judgment against the company and guilty pleas in federal court for the bad actors involved. The company CEO and the government employee received 15 and a half years and 10 years in jail, respectively.

How does what you do support AFIMSC’s strategic priorities?
I support AFIMSC’s pursuit of organizational excellence by helping ensure procurement integrity rules are followed during the acquisition process. This saves AFIMSC money, makes the acquisition process more efficient and deters potential wrongdoers.