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AFIMSC Mission and Vision



OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Our goal is intended to optimize, to the maximum extent possible, our organizational effectiveness across our enterprise to maximize mission delivery. We will make every effort to align our efforts of work to enhance our personnel’s ability to work in a hybrid environment and test the ability of Office of the Future to deliver results that allow AFIMSC to be innovative and agile to support our mission partners and customers. Our objectives serve as our north star to ensure the organization is headed in the right direction, while remaining singularly focused on delivering our core capabilities to our customers and the warfighters in the field.


A – Validate the O2F concept and measure the effectiveness of the AFIMSC hybrid model NLT 31 Dec 2023

B – Mature the Knowledge Management (KM) program across the AFIMSC Enterprise through leader/KMR engagements, KM enhancements and evaluating the success KM program by the end of CY23

C – Continually advance IT for better user experience

Advances in data analytics affords us the opportunity to optimize installation execution planning while reducing administrative burden to our installations. Establishing a new goal to create a viable path toward the development of a data driven execution plan tool helps AFIMSC focus appropriate effort and resources on achieving our objectives. Using data to help ensure AFIMSC is putting our constrained resources against the right requirements in the year of execution helps the center enhance I&MS warfighter readiness and lethality.

AFIMSC is tasked with allocating resources for I&MS requirements worldwide. The most cumbersome part of the process is collecting and validating requirements. On average, we receive between 22,000 and 28,000 requirements every year during the execution plan build. This is a major strain on the limited capacity of the HQ staff. As we continue to mature, our goal is to use data to inform the process, reduce the strain on the staff and introduce risk-allocation decisions.


(Current as of Dec. 22, 2022)

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