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AFIMSC Mission and Vision


Develop I&MS Experts and Leaders

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This goal seeks to optimize hiring processes and talent management and achieve deliberate growth by developing, implementing and maximizing force development opportunities, processes & programs required to improve and retain enterprise talent. It provides direction to develop and sustain competent installations and mission support Airmen and Guardians, setting the foundation for the development of specific rotation experiential opportunities and programs to educate, train and purposefully develop a highly trained and multi-faceted I&MS workforce. 


A – Hiring Process - Decrease civilian hiring timeline through workforce planning by 10% in CY23

B – Developmental Rotation - Identify placement opportunities for 100% of viable rotation program candidates into a new position per quarter solicitation period

C – Career Planning - Increase Individual Development Plan utilization to 85% by end of CY23

D – Training - Execute 90% allocated Training Funds by end of FY23

E – Program Evaluation - Create a Workforce and Development result-based evaluation program to report to appropriate stakeholders by mid-year CY23

F – Develop a Center-wide Supervisor Rotation Program Policy and begin program implementation by 3rd Quarter of CY23

G – Develop AFIMSC civilian force renewal program by 3rd Quarter of CY23

H – Provide mentorship connections and increase mentorship opportunities by end of CY23

The goal and its objectives were established to enhance execution of each AFIMSC strategic priority by strengthening and developing our I&MS Airmen. 

Our objectives maximize talent acquisition and force development opportunities, processes and programs to improve, retain and attract talent to support AFIMSC customers and carry out varied AFIMSC missions. As we continue making progress toward achieving our objectives, we are driving organizational effectiveness and fostering a high-performing workforce across the enterprise. 

We had a successful year and identified opportunities for improvement as program efforts evolved. In addition to maintaining existing force development programs and executing our targeted opportunities, we expanded pilot programs and established and implemented new initiatives that will further contribute to functional and leadership competencies’ development for our Airmen and Guardians. 

Our biggest accomplishment would be the aggregation of results of numerous successes under the force development umbrella. We were able to deliver various force development and training opportunities to our enterprise personnel aligned with requirements and leadership focus areas. We garnered major command and AFIMSC funding and support for and launched the Air Force’s Better Up Coaching Initiative, with its first AFIMSC cohort currently in progress. In the fall, we also launched the AFIMSC Leadership Empowerment and Development Program designed specifically for mid-level enterprise leaders. 

Finally, we executed our annual training plan budget at 128% of our initial programmed distribution thank to additional funding from the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services and the Air Force Personnel Center, to cover training for all our team member’s priority 1 through four training requirements across the I&MS portfolio. In recent years, we’ve only satisfied priority 1 requirements, so execution and additional support is significant to developing I&MS experts and leaders.  

Effective and timely recruitment and developmental opportunities increase lethality and readiness for I&MS capabilities across the Air and Space Force. Our strategy enables employees and leaders to succeed in their current jobs and postures them for future opportunities across the service. 

In 2023, we want to make additional progress in the talent acquisition area—standardizing processes, education and additional automated support to reduce the time to select across all recruitment methods—more work to be done there. Pioneering management theorist Peter Drucker said, “What gets measured gets improved,” so we will put additional emphasis on using “as-is” baseline data for key processes to track the impacts of process improvement efforts. We’ve identified in our first round, a number of positions to enhance our force renewal efforts, such as building additional developmental/targeted positions to bring in new, qualified talent, to build a bench for our retirement eligible workforce. We want to continue to mature and execute our Experiential, Rotation and Acculturation Programs. We also intend to obtain commander approval for our Center-wide Mentoring approach and program to expand participation and increase employee engagement and development.  And finally, we want to capture the return on investment of our development efforts to ensure our programs meet the current and emerging needs of the enterprise, our team members and the various missions we are charged to perform.


(Current as of Dec. 22, 2022)

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