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AFIMSC Mission and Vision



OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The focus of Goal 3 is to improve how we connect the AFIMSC team with each other and our customers. We accomplish this by planning and delivering a deliberate communication narrative that’s synced to AFIMSC’s strategic LOEs and commander intent.


A – Conduct communication engagements with internal team & customers to grow awareness, understanding & advocacy by CY23 end of year

B – Increase communication platform views

C – Complete 2023 AFIMSC Communication Strategy execution by end of CY23

We coordinate and plan with stakeholders on enterprise-targeted messaging and events, and we use feedback and data to drive improvements. Ultimately, we seek to build and maintain partnerships with audiences that understand what we do and can advocate in support of the operations we conduct with them and for them.

We built a yearlong plan and then focused on each month’s deliverables. That helped us make incremental steps toward achieving the larger goal. It’s not rocket science, but what it does is give us the ability to work a month ahead, which frees us up to tackle pop-ups. Each initiative is getting the right amount of attention, and the Strategy Hub has been a great help in giving us a tool to plan, track and report our work more easily. Another adjustment we made was to focus on more team- and workforce-oriented products. With concurrence from the commander, we produced videos, stories and infographics that highlighted our people rather than having the leadership team deliver those messages for observances like Women’s History Month and the like. This grassroots approach helped us introduce teammates to one another, while also sharing thoughts and experiences across our enterprise to strengthen team connectivity.

More deliberate planning. After a year of getting our feet under us in terms of better understanding the goal and strategy process, we built a milestones matrix to ensure we hit our targets on time and were comprehensive in our efforts to achieve each objective. That’s been the key to a better battle rhythm for the knowns, while we have also adapted to accomplish new initiatives in real time, such as talking point papers and speeches that may have been previously accomplished by offices of primary responsibility. This has given AFIMSC strategic communication a more standardized deliverable, which also supports branding our products to our audiences.

An informed AFIMSC team and customer base better understand our mission and how the center’s operations contribute to lethality, readiness and taking care of service members and their families. For the internal team, it instills pride and ownership of the mission and drives the team to perform at a higher level. For customers, it confirms AFIMSC’s commitment to be a strong partner and builds trust that we have their success in mind.

We want to make further inroads with external customers and build on the solid connection we have with our internal team. Getting our mission information to external customers has been challenging. We’re continuously looking for new ways to connect with Installation & Mission Support Airmen and Guardians in the field. With support from our Deloitte contract partner teammates, in 2022 we created a Department of Air Force-wide email distro listing for all Public Affairs offices. That gives us the ability to broadcast important new and information PA teams can share with their audiences about beddowns, housing, childcare, lodging, fitness and chaplain programs – to name a few – that apply to every Airman, Guardian and their families. We want to build on this in 2023

(Current as of Dec. 22, 2022)

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