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AFIMSC Mission and Vision



OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This goal empowers decision-makers at all levels in the I&MS enterprise to realize the full potential of digital tools in their daily activities, enabled by high-quality data analytics products. These tools and products are flexibly tailored, packaged and scoped to their needs. This goal is achieved when leaders at all levels demand repeatable, sustainable data driven decisions across the entire enterprise and we maximize our return on AFIMSC technology investments to meet mission needs and vision.


A – Agility – Grow Enterprise Portfolio data analytics capabilities by deploying, monitoring and maintaining a data and business intelligence ecosystem

B – Proficiency – Target AFIMSC PSU growth of 500 trained users and share analytics best practices

C – Community – Grow users from 2,000 to 3,000 by end of CY23

D – Data Automation – Develop a plan to migrate all authoritative databases and connect to/between VAULT to ADVANA (BLADE) and finish transfer of the first 12 of 42 database migrations

E – Develop Decision-Support Annex to support all goal owners’ needs for centralized data and knowledge management functions

F – Validate 95% of AFIMSC annual enterprise technology spending

G – Oversee migration of authoritative databases to VAULT or BLADE across the enterprise consistent with SAF/CO guidance

H – Oversee Enterprise Architecture Development to support mission success

Our work elevates attention on the failing health of Air Force I&MS portfolio including infrastructure, resulting in significant increases to facility sustainment, restoration and modernization funding. We reduce the workload for planners and programmers with financial tools and status of funds trackers. Mission support commanders are aided with tools that enable them to evaluate the holistic health of the base in order to smartly prioritize funds to enable a risk-balanced portfolio at the base level.

We exceeded our goal of growing from 1,000 to 3,000 business intelligence users during the year, due in part to the extensive training courses we offer each month and monthly collaboration opportunities with the Air Force Chief Data Office; Air Force Studies, Analyses and Assessments; and Tableau. This Air Force wide “Collab Lab” has grown to include general officer interest and attendance.

We grew our impact so significantly that we maxed out our potential growth for data analytics support. The desire for data to support data-driven decisions led to our customers bringing more requirements than we can currently provide. We will work toward expanding that capacity or, at a minimum, coming together to prioritize support in a way that is most impactful to the DAF.

Our agility makes it possible to train Airmen and Guardians in basic data analytics, which aids in mission accomplishment by reducing staff time and helping with timely, financially sound decisions.

Our aim is to advance data-driven decisions and optimize processes with digital tools at the AFIMSC primary subordinate unit level, bridging HQ Air Force to PSU teams in the process, in order to better advance their critical mission sets with cutting edge business intelligence applications. With an investment in data analytical capabilities, products and training using data unique to each PSU, we hope to enable them to compete for greater resourcing and advocate for critical projects across the enterprise. We are essentially a combat multiplier between the PSU functional community and their HAF partners deploying data analytics and digital tools to achieve these goals. Additionally, our strategic partnerships with organizations like with the Air Force Digital Transformation Office will continue to influence a Department-wide data analytics culture, making it a fundamental skill of all Airmen and Guardians.


(Current as of Dec. 22, 2022)

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