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AFIMSC Mission and Vision


Integrate Air Base Command and Control

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: To effectively support installation command and control, or C2, across the spectrum of preparedness, the basing and logistics enterprise must optimize decision-making by integrating legacy plus emerging IT systems and processes used for installation support and, specifically, emergency management.


A – Expand installation C2 data standards and requirements across agile combat support functions and determine 95% of common data needs NLT Aug 2023

B – Refine and integrate Installation C2 information framework using authoritative data from relevant information systems and sensors within a single interface, viewed at command echelons NLT Jun 2023

C – Facilitate investment plan for emergency-level communications across for full range of C2 modes; Voice/LMR, Mess Notice and Data by Sep 2023

D – Advocate for HAF governance forum to ensure data needs and future information systems support and improve Installation C2 NLT Mar 2023

This goal supports the focus of ensuring success for installation commanders in time of need. An enduring weakness identified by studies and audits is standardized and responsive command and control during emergency and crisis incidents. By providing a standard emergency management C2 platform, installation commanders will be able to consistently ensure effective response and recovery during crisis events.

AFIMSC compiled data and system mapping across the span of 23 functions that support emergency management planning, protection, response and recovery. With this analysis, AFIMSC can integrate data standards where common across these functions and prioritize data interoperability opportunities with Air Combat Command headquarters and the Kessel Run IT developers.

As an ongoing effort, AFIMSC is engaging the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection Integration office to establish a formal construct with a predictable rhythm of touchpoints between all stakeholders of installation C2.

AFIMSC established itself as viable extension of the ACC staff determining requirements for installation C2 and development priorities. AFIMSC compiled the FY23 capability needs Statement for development of the DAF Emergency Management Information System requirements into a platform called C2IMERA. C21MERA stands for Command-and-Control Incident Management Emergency Response Application, a wing C2 capability used to provide an integrated composite picture of installation resources developed by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center and used across ACC though fielded to most installations across the DAF.

We compiled the 23 functions with the highest impact to enterprise emergency management information to map the data requirements and authoritative IT sources. This is the foundation to creating standards and prioritizing data linkage to integrate installation C2.

As we move forward toward accomplishing our objectives and milestones, installation commanders, emergency responders and supporting staffs will all benefit from our work. All stakeholders – especially installation commanders – will experience improved emergency management and more effective crisis recovery. We foresee a similar result for integrated installation C2 where the daily use of the standard emergency C2 platform for efficient installation support drives effective application of all capabilities, crisis and non-crisis alike.

In 2023, AFIMSC will establish the foundational documents guiding development of installation C2. This includes standards on data, IT architecture and overarching governance to oversee installation C2. We will also continuously participate in agile software development with the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center to operationalize the C2 requirement and close shortfalls that exist today.

(Current as of Dec. 22, 2022)

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