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AFIMSC Mission and Vision


Create Data Driven Execution Plan Process

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Using a deliberate process, this goal delivers a viable path toward the development of a data-driven execution plan tool. The tool will support each of our I&MS portfolios and be customized to meet their specific validation and execution plan processes. 


A – Requirements: Define current processes, best practices, performance metrics and risk profiles NLT Feb 2022

B – Design: Determine optimal validation and allocation framework and business rules for at least one portfolio NLT Jun 2023

C – Implementation: Summarize successful outcomes by back-testing the model and finalize business rules for at least two portfolios by Oct 2023

D – Verification: Validate that the model produces equitable and efficient outcomes; publish business rules by Dec 2023

E – Maintenance: Adjust model to evolving strategies to include the POM by Mar 2024

Recent advances in technology and data analytics capabilities afford us the opportunity to optimize the execution plan process while reducing the administrative burden to our installations. This tool helps AFIMSC focus appropriate effort and resources on achieving our objectives. Using data to help ensure AFIMSC is putting our constrained resources against the right requirements in the year of execution helps the center enhance I&MS warfighter readiness and lethality.

AFIMSC is tasked with allocating resources for I&MS requirements worldwide. The most cumbersome part of the process is collecting and validating requirements. This is a major strain on the limited capacity of the HQ staff. As we continue to mature, our goal is to use data to inform the process therefore reducing the strain on the staff while introducing risk allocation decisions.

This multiyear goal started the year off defining the current resourcing process through process mapping to identify best practices on how portfolios execute their validation process and gain a better understanding of risk. We partnered with the Air Force Installation Contracting Center Business Intelligence team to produce reports supporting the deployment and distribution and protection portfolios. We worked with Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Budget office to get the goal team access to the new Advana database platform along with weekly training.  We worked with the civil engineering team that’s studying risk within the CE portfolio, they conducted a workshop which defined risk and set how it can be used to define requirements.

The largest accomplishment was working with the Deployment and Distribution (D&D) portfolio to develop the Squadron Operation Cost Model, which eliminated 2,000 line items in FY23 leading to future anticipated manpower hours saved. 

Continuing work with three portfolios (Protection, Deployment and Distribution and Airmen and Family Services) to identify opportunities to leverage technology and data to standardize costs, identify outliers and optimize requirements collection. Working with three of the 10 portfolios to identify a solution that can be cross-functionally used. 

Continue work in the design phase of the plan of action and milestones to identify the art of possible while continuing to enhance the current enterprise portfolio.

(Current as of Dec. 22, 2022)


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