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AFIMSC Mission and Vision


Prioritize Airmen Readiness

DESCRIPTION: Effective power projection platforms depend on capable, trained and resilient I&MS Airmen. This goal is putting plans in place so AFIMSC can provide I&MS units resources to train for essential missions such as Integrated Base Response & Recovery and Agile Combat Employment.


A – AFSFC - Increase readiness/sustainment training to support AFFORGEN, taskings NLT 30 Sep 2023

B – Operationalize one Regional Training Site to support unit led expeditionary training by FY24

Expeditionary support is a critical component of the AFIMSC mission. Providing Regional Training Sites enables I&MS units’ opportunities to train and generate expeditionary ready warfighting capabilities to compete, deter and win against pacing adversaries in alignment with the SecAF Operational Imperatives.

The initial Regional Training Site Working Group made real progress by consolidating and integrating spiral 1 functional requirements. Spiral 1 consisted of civil engineering and security forces, each community identified infrastructure, facility and sustainment requirements for potential sites. Locations need to support unit led expeditionary tailored training for I&MS Airmen, to include a multi-AFS training platform scalable for unit type code, Force Elements or units up to wings to provide opportunities to practice Adaptive Operations in Contested Environment and deliver locations where future Expeditionary Airbase Force Elements can be MAJCOM certified. A total of 12 potential sites were identified and selected.  The team is conducting more in-depth analysis for site viability to support unit led expeditionary tailored training, Mission Generation training/exercises and ultimately supportability of MAJCOM certification for Air Force Force Generation.

Hosting the initial working group and developing initial requirements to support Regional Training Sites.

Overall, the team’s work is focused on providing the Air Force with forces capable of supporting a power projection platform capability by enabling I&MS Airmen with organic training resources. 

As the Air Force shifts to the AFFORGEN model, there will be an increased focus on the ability to present forces with a high-level of readiness for the high-end fight. Building a more lethal and modern force while concentrating on maximizing future capabilities will drive the requirement to provide cost-effective, readily accessible training platforms for functional training validation and MAJCOM certification. 

(Current as of Dec. 22, 2022)

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