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AFIMSC Mission and Vision


Revolutionize Base Lethality

DESCRIPTION: Installations are the power projection platforms that we fight from, and mission support capabilities ensure a leading edge for our Airmen and Guardians to survive and thrive across the globe. This goal develops actionable steps from a multitude of analyses to transform the installation of today into a new future blueprint that is highly effective in a resource constrained environment.


A – Identify, track and advocate for I&MS shortfalls in support of theater requirements

B – Integrate strategic efforts across planning and programming

AFIMSC is leveraging current data across functional areas to link strategy with programming and planning. This integration and analyses allow us to make targeted investments that ensure continued development and mission success.

In 2022, the team completed three separate chalks of analysis called Adaptive Operations for Base Lethality that identified future capability gaps and potential investment areas. The results will be used to develop future planning and programming options. In CY22 the team also identified gaps in how I&MS requirements are identified and aligned to DoD strategic LOEs, leading to the creation of Objective B which will integrate those efforts across planning and programming..  

Our Combat Support Program Execution Monitor efforts to identify, track and advocate for I&MS requirements across the DoD strategic LOEs successfully secured funding in the FY24 POM to support No. 5, Resilient Basing.

These accomplishments are setting the foundation for how we invest to provide mission support capabilities to transform installations into modernized power projection platforms that are more ready, resilient and lethal. We will continue the work to identify the gaps and field capabilities to enable warfighters to deliver and sustain persistent mission generation in contested environments and win the high-end fight.

We plan to leverage current efforts of the Civil Engineer Capability Integration Panel across the I&MS enterprise. The team will accelerate the evolution of critical capabilities for I&MS by deliberately linking planning efforts to programming strategies. Finally, we will track capability investments to understand the overlap between strategic LOEs in order to maximize effects.


(Current as of Dec. 22, 2022)

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