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AFIMSC Mission and Vision


L1G3: Improve Strategic Basing Decisions

GOAL DESCRIPTION: Strategic basing decisions are multifaced and relate to the stationing or basing of weapon systems, squadrons, capabilities and forces for both Air and Space Forces. AFIMSC is uniquely positioned to provide an objective enterprise-wide look to help Air Force decision makers understand the value of various candidate locations. This goal seeks to optimize the enterprise process by using civil engineering and other AFIMSC expertise.


G3.A – SECAF Strategic Basing decisions will be based on transparent and consistent Site Survey standardized analysis and reporting NLT 1 Oct 2023

G3.B – MAJCOM Commanders have increased opportunity to accelerate new mission operational capabilities as a result of on-time and on budget delivery of built infrastructure requirements in support of the beddown process

Fundamental to Air Force strategy, basing decisions result in a significant resource investment - or possibly divestment - and directly impact the Department of the Air Force’s ability to execute the mission. Basing decisions also provide the opportunity to accelerate operational capability for both the Air Force and Space Force. AFIMSC is uniquely positioned to provide an objective enterprise-wide look to help decision makers understand the value of various candidate locations. If we position forces properly, program projects appropriately and execute consistently, we are less likely to experience cost overruns which put other facilities’ programs at risk. 

AFIMSC was directly involved in many basing decisions and site surveys, exceeding our objective milestones. We developed a standardized site survey template to be used for all strategic basing beddown operations. The standardized template provides the SecAF with an unbiased, data driven, consistent look across the enterprise. We have completed full functionality of the ATLAS program on the Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) allowing for classified requirements discussion and evaluation. Also, we developed a Preliminary Cost Estimating Toolkit (PCET) which provides an initial cost estimating tool for the site survey process utilizing standardized cost data across the enterprise. 

Through enhancing the pre-site survey capability across the Air and Space Forces, we leveraged our experience from the virtual site survey world and developed a standardized site survey template for use across the enterprise. Not only does this tool provide a plethora of data at the push of a button, saving time for the MAJCOM and installations, but it also provides a standardized data set decreasing potential data bias. We demonstrated the value of this process to accelerate operational capability by accomplishing all site survey template pre-population within 10 days of the official site survey notification.

AFIMSC’s ability to take an objective enterprise-wide look helps the Air Force understand the value of candidate locations without bias. Additionally, with our connections throughout the I&MS community, we can better enable the planning process through a variety of mechanisms such as more accurate cost estimates and beddown requirements definition.

This goal was incorporated and broadened into the A4 Strategy and now encompasses planning, programming and facility project execution for new mission beddown requirements. With Objective A, we will be focused on the pre-decisional process for a basing location decision. Objectives B, driven by the Air Force Civil Engineer Center Planning and Integration Directorate and the AFCEC Facility Engineering Directorate, focuses on delivery of accurate programs that enable military construction and Facility Sustainment, Restoration, Modernization and Demolition construction to meet mission requirements within operational timeline constraints and budgets.


(Current as of Dec. 22, 2022)

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