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AFIMSC Mission and Vision


Increase Installation Resiliency

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This goal creates tools and actionable plans to ensure the execution of mission-critical I&MS priorities that are aligned with higher headquarters and DAF priorities. This will reduce vulnerabilities while enhancing our ability to protect, respond and recover from disruptions to operations and supporting infrastructure.


A – Complete 24 Installation Energy Plans NLT Dec 2023

B – Complete 33 Installation Climate Resilience Plans NLT Dec 2023

C – Transition 90% of DAF installations onto an enterprise sustainment contract for back-up power for IT systems NLT FY25

D – Deliver a standardized maintenance and cybersecurity capability for Enterprise Land Mobile Radio infrastructure at >90% of DAF installations NLT Dec 2023

E – Consolidate, standardize and centralize installation-level Base Telephone Sustainment contracts

The installation resiliency goal is an integral part of AFIMSC’s mission to deliver globally integrated resilient I&MS. The more resilient our installations are, the more successful Airmen and Guardians will be to continue the mission when faced with unforeseen challenges and adversity. The objectives for this goal currently focus on conducting installation energy plans and climate resiliency plans, standardizing enterprise land mobile radio and lifecycle services, transitioning bases using local contract maintenance for back-up power for communications systems and cable/telephony support to centralized/standardized contracts, and mission assurance objectives that are focused on identifying and minimizing the highest risks to mission and force.

The team completed eight Installation Energy Plans, or IEPs, and expected to have 15 IEPs completed by the end of the year. We received vendor proposals for Enterprise Land Mobile Radio requirements and are conducting source selection with contract award expected in the first quarter of 2023. The Model Defender project was successfully completed with the release of the mandatory use memo implementing it across the Air Force and $2.9 million in funding executed for initial equipment purchases.

Installation Climate Resilience Plans, or ICRPs, were added to the IEP contract which was a huge win as climate resiliency is a new NDAA requirement. The standardization of ELMR support services within a single contract requirements document was a team effort that included all MAJCOMs and lead subject matter experts to validate current system configurations and define all requirements. Developing and executing the Model Defender program standardized equipment which will be used daily by over 40,000 active, Guard, Reserve and DAF civilian police members on 250 installations. The biggest Mission Assurance achievement was the integration of Antiterrorism/Force Protection and MA with Air Force Current Operations Division, since the same teams conduct both the AT/FP and MA assessments.

In some cases, realizing our goals results has an immediate, tangible impact, such as the completion of a resiliency plan or delivery of protective gear. Other times, they result in efficiency and savings that allow us to better target investment in other areas of need.

In 2023, the team hopes to complete approximately 24 more IEPs and 25-35 ICRPs and successfully migrate existing ELMR contracts onto the new enterprise ELMR contract to deliver standardized services across all supported installations. We also plan to realign MAJCOM ELMR roles and responsibilities to the DAF LMR Program Management Office to include centralized oversight for contracted sustainment and lifecycle services, and centralized cybersecurity accreditations. For MA, identifying where to incorporate Risk to Force/Risk to Mission data into processes and policies under AFIMSC’s control would also influence success. We intend to hold a continuous process improvement event in the 1st quarter of 2023, with results later being incorporated into AFIMSC and DoD decision making processes. 


(Current as of Dec. 22, 2022)

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