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Air Force Security Forces Center

The Air Force Security Forces Center, located at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas, is one of four Primary Subordinate Units under the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center and assigned to Air Force Materiel Command.  

AFSFC trains, equips and manages program execution for the Air Force Security Forces enterprise across the globe. AFSFC’s cross-functional team provides subject matter expertise to the field to drive integration, innovation and advancement of  SF mission sets to deliver integrated defense, conduct law and order operations, provide security protection for nuclear and non-nuclear assets, acquire, disseminate and provide training and maintenance of small arms and light weapons and other Defender equipment, provide military working dog support, deliver sustainment and other training to Defenders, and manage AF corrections.

AFSFC enables missions by providing SF functional implementation guidance for AF/A4S policy and standards for force providers and operational commanders. AFSFC identifies and evaluates SF functional requirements and develops ExPlans, as appropriate. AFSFC represents the SF career field and informs the AFIMSC plans and programming process of SF functionally-prioritized requirements.


Air Force Security Forces Center develops, delivers and executes Security Forces capabilities and associated programs for AF and Joint mission sets enabling a safe and secure operating environment. 


Driving integrated protection for the Air Force through innovation and deliberate program execution.


Commander Security Forces Manager 
Col. Aaron Guill CMSgt. Anthony L. Blum

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