air force installation contracting Center

The Air Force Installation Contracting Center is a worldwide-postured organization headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, providing responsive and mission-enabling enterprise acquisition solutions for efficient and effective mission and installation operations across the Air Force. In addition to the AFICC headquarters and staff, AFICC operating locations are collocated with Air Force major command headquarters, eight enterprise sourcing squadrons aligned with categories of effort under the Air Force Category Management program (the 772nd Enterprise Sourcing Squadron that supports civil engineering, located in San Antonio with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center for example) and the Defense Technical Information Center at Offutt AFB, Nebraska. AFICC has over 750 personnel, performing above-wing contracting across the Air Force enterprise and supporting over 3,000 contracting professionals executing Air Force missions worldwide, approximately $58 billion over the last five years.


AFICC plays an essential role in accomplishing the Air Force mission by providing non-organic capabilities to the Air Force and joint warfighter. It provides business advice and specialized contract support to Air Force major commands, contracting authority to operational contracting squadrons, and enterprise, regional, and local sourcing solutions to affect rate, process and demand, maximizing the use of Air Force installation spend. AFICC is also the Air Force lead for contingency contracting operations, ensuring contracting personnel are trained and equipped to deal with all contingencies - at war, in times of disaster, and at home.


AFICC MISSION: Fly, Fight and Win -- Through agile, innovative and mission focused business solutions

AFICC VISION: Global Change Agents -- Embracing Collaboration, Innovation, Trust, Empowerment and Risk

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