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L2G4: Enterprise-wide Customer Service Strategy

GOAL DESCRIPTION: We will identify, measure and analyze customer satisfaction to continuously improve enterprise results and external stakeholders’ experience with AFIMSC. We’ll share this customer feedback with the right people, in the right way, at the right time to influence positive changes and a culture of customer satisfaction throughout AFIMSC.


G4.A — Build customer satisfaction survey NLT July 2022 

G4.B — Identify and implement get-well plans for focus-group findings NLT March 2022

The customer satisfaction goal is the embodiment of AFIMSC’s tagline: Your Success is Our Mission. This goal helps the center understand how it can improve support to the installations so Airmen and Guardians can be successful.

We made a considerable amount of progress toward accomplishing our goal in 2021. We completed the observe-and-learn phase of our goal and collected customer feedback on their level of satisfaction with AFIMSC. From this input, we identified pain points, challenges, gaps and successes. This has postured us to transition to the subsequent phases where we will develop initiatives to address challenges and continuously improve enterprise results and external stakeholders’ experience with AFIMSC.

The biggest accomplishment this year was completing 16 Air Force and Space Force installation visits. Our team met with wing, group, and squadron leadership across all active-duty major commands, conducted focus groups, and received direct feedback on how AFIMSC can better provide customer service at the installation level and better support base leadership in accomplishing their mission.

The feedback from the field will directly impact Airmen, Guardians and their families by ensuring they receive the best possible level of care and support.

We hope to move the needle even further by acting on the data gathered. We want to develop an enterprise-wide tool to measure customer satisfaction by capturing successes, addressing challenges and filling gaps on a continual basis.

(Current as of Jan. 24, 2022)