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L3G7: Advance IT & Collaboration

GOAL DESCRIPTION: This goal ensures we develop effective information technology portfolio management, collaboration and maturity. Through innovation and applying economies of scale across the organization, we can return time and resources to AFIMSC in addition to providing enhanced customer support to meet mission needs and vision.


G7.A — Apply economies of scale to consolidate at least 6 contracts with savings of more than 20% and provide more robust capabilities in FY2022 

G7.B — Migrate nine additional on premise services to the cloud by FY2022 

G7.C — Ensure 100% of IMSC has access to tools and training to effectively use collaboration tools NLT CY22 

G7.D — Improve daily customer experience through increased customer support, education and feedback on IT helpdesk, Office 365, and voice services; also, during key implementations like IT refresh 

G7.E — Migrate 16 AFIMSC Authoritative Databases to VAULTIS or BLADE by May 15, 2022 consistent with SAF/CO guidance

Effective IT portfolio management, along with enhanced customer support, improves AFIMSC’s ability to deliver installation and mission support to our Air and Space Forces. 

In 2021, our accomplishments included consolidating five contracts to one and providing collaboration tools to the AFIMSC enterprise and workforce. 

In addition to the contract consolidation success, transitioning from Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) Teams to the Air Force network version was among our biggest achievements. AFNet Teams is safer and more secure than CVR Teams and able to process controlled unclassified information with less risk.

Transitioning to AFNet teams with little disruption made sure AFIMSC teammates had what they needed to communicate and collaborate. As many in AFIMSC continue to primarily work from home, and prepare to move into the hybrid model of the O2F, reliable IT tools will continue to be critical to individual and organizational mission success.

In 2022, we will work toward consolidating more contracts, moving 9 applications to the cloud, and migrating 15 authoritative databases to data that is visible, accessible, understandable, linked, trustworthy, interoperable and secure (VAULTIS) to ensure objective and effective decisions.

(Current as of Jan. 14, 2022)