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Advance IT & Collaboration

Michael Osborn quoteGoal Leader: Michael Osborn, AFIMSC Chief Information Officer 

Goal Description: This goal ensures we develop effective information technology portfolio management, collaboration and maturity. Through innovation and applying economies of scale across the organization, we can return time and resources to AFIMSC in addition to providing enhanced customer support to meet mission needs and vision.

LOE 3 Goal 7 Objectives:

  • G7.A — Establish AFIMSC IT Portfolio roadmap for consolidation of similar IT systems and implement migration to standards based IT architecture by end of FY21

    PROGRESS TO DATE: We’re currently analyzing the portfolio and obtaining additional information on AFIMSC primary subordinate unit systems. 
  • G7. B — Apply economies of scale to consolidate at least 3 contracts with savings of >20% and provide more robust capabilities in FY21

    PROGRESS TO DATE: We recommended five SharePoint contracts for consolidation. We reviewed enterprise IT support contracts and wrote performance work statement for the new contract provided to the AFIMSC director of staff for acquisition.
  • G7.C — Ensure 100% of IMSC has access to tools, information and training to accomplish transition from CVR to CHES TEAMS by June 1, 2021

    PROGRESS TO DATE: We are working with the AFIMSC director of staff on tools and training for Cloud Hosted Enterprise Services, or CHES, Teams. An ongoing email campaign is helping people prepare for the transition and we’re planning two training sessions as well. 
  • G7.D — Improve daily customer experience through increased customer support, education and feedback on IT Helpdesk, Office 365, and voice services

    PROGRESS TO DATE: Our team is working with the AFIMSC director of staff on increased customer support, education and feedback on IT Helpdesk, Office 365 and voice services.
  • G7.E — Ensure IT system accreditation and cyber surety compliance across AFIMSC IT Enterprise

    PROGRESS TO DATE: We continually review accreditation status, perform monthly cyber surety reports and track accreditation status.

What challenges have you encountered along the way and how have you adjusted for them?
The lack of good post CVR collaboration tools has been challenging. However, we’re working with our partners at DS, AFMC and the Air Force Office of the Chief Information Officer to gain better information. So far, we have performed an analysis of tools being used for collaboration. Additionally, we’re developing a plan of action and milestones to address shortfalls and testing CHES Team to identify and resolve any degraded capabilities.

Why is Advancing IT Support and Collaboration important to AFIMSC? 
Accomplishing our goal means better support to customer, optimized spending for IT and reduced risk to the organization.

How does your goal support AFMC, Air Force and National Defense Priorities? 
Like all of our goals, our goal is ultimately focused on improving AFIMSC’s ability to deliver installation and mission support to our Air and Space Forces in support of AFMC, Air Force and National Defense priorities. 

How are you measuring success? 
We’re implementing a service catalog outlining AFIMSC IT capabilities and portfolio management to manage and track IT investment, projects and activities related to AFIMSC Enterprise IT.

(Current as of May 12, 2021)