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AFIMSC Mission and Vision


Improve Housing for Airmen, Guardians and Families

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This goal commits the Air Force to provide Airmen, Guardians and their families safe homes and quality dormitories. This goal is nested in AFMC’s priority to strengthen the Air Force and Space Force teams by planning and executing programs to build resilient Airmen and improve their quality of life.


A – Develop implementation plans to execute the results of the Dorm Sprint by Dec 2023

B – Conduct mandated NDAA Housing Inspections at 30 installations and develop a Facility Condition Index model by Dec 2023

C – Develop execution plans to support the Japan Investment Strategy by 2023

D – Finalize FY22 and FY23 scheduled privatized housing financial restructures

Housing program improvements give Airmen, Guardians and their families better service and disputes get resolved in a fast, more transparent manner. Overall, the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are housed in safe, quality housing and dormitories helps military members focus on their missions and drives retention.

The team continued making progress finalizing documents on the universal lease, started discussions with the final three project owners on their performance incentive fee, implemented the NDAA mandated housing inspections and established the Portfolio Assessment Program. We also successfully conducted 10 training events in which 350+ housing professionals learned best practices and honed their skills. 

One of biggest accomplishments for 2022 was developing the assessment program, a program to evaluate operational performance for 31 projects at 63 installations in support of Military Housing Privatization Initiative. The assessment program analyzes performance across four categories: resident feedback, maintenance, operations and commander evaluation. Each privatized-housing installation is rated as healthy, marginal or at-risk. An installation is placed on a “watch list,” following four consecutive quarters of at-risk performance. This program helps to proactively identify operational issues and ensure DAF leadership at all levels are engaged in holding project owners accountable for providing quality housing.

The program drives collaboration, increased communication, process improvement and monthly reporting. It provides installation commanders and DAF senior leaders a tool to hold project owners accountable for customer service programs and processes that directly impact the families’ enjoyment of their homes and neighborhoods.

For the first time in three years, we are hosting the Global Housing Symposium, a premier event that brings together global Air Force housing leadership to share ideas and knowledge in support of providing top service for our residents. We plan to continue making progress with the NDAA mandated house inspections, as well as begin progress on the Japan Investment Strategy. Finally, once the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Housing provides guidance on the new utility billing process, we are ready to move out and evolve that objective as well. 


(Current as of Dec. 22, 2022)

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