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AFIMSC Mission and Vision


Optimize Infrastructure

OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The Air Force must slow down or halt the degradation of the most critical infrastructure assets based on their importance to the National Defense Strategy. This goal is putting plans in place so AFIMSC can better advocate for infrastructure funding, effectively spend the resources we get and ensure bases spend their resources effectively in line with the Infrastructure Investment Strategy.


A – Achieve 2.3% Plant Replacement Value funding in accordance with Infrastructure Investment Strategy with focus on both numerator (Program Objective Memorandum resourcing) and denominator (divestment)
B – PRV reduction 1.2 million square feet annually in accordance with I2S

C – Reduce degraded high Mission Dependency Index & focused infrastructure “Dorms/CDCs”

D – Execute approved FY24 Facility Sustainment, Restoration, Modernization and Demolition incentives and develop FY25 incentives

Infrastructure optimization is a critical component of the AFIMSC mission. Air Force and Space Force infrastructure funding is the center’s largest portfolio. Optimizing the investment of these funds strengthens the infrastructure foundation of installations, the Air Force and Space Force power projection platforms. 

The development of assessment management tools for data analysis of infrastructure led to increased investment to improve conditions of dormitory and child development center assets. Additionally, the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act’s guidance for unaccompanied dorm investment will continue to improve Airmen and Guardians’ quality of life.

The team made real progress by enhancing decentralized incentives. Over 12 live Tableau dashboards helped drive data-informed decisions and enhance the decentralized incentives including real property. We completed the DAF manual for built infrastructure. We enhanced operational mission dependency index MAJCOM authority, increased spending on dorms and child development centers through the focused investment strategy and increased decentralized spending by $3 billion while improving installation obligation rates and optimized lifecycle spending. We leaned both the decentralized and centralized facility sustainment, restoration and modernization processes to reduce labor burden on the bases. The team decreased base maintenance contract labor expenses and began enhanced base reimbursement guidance that will translate to $600 million. Lastly, we advocated and received $330 million of additional climate resiliency resourcing and successfully obligated it in 2022.

Developing and issuing the inaugural State of the Infrastructure reports for installations and MAJCOMS was our biggest achievement in 2022.  Issuing these reports pulls from over six live authoritative data sources and 12 infrastructure live Tableau dashboards, informing optimized investment decisions at every level. 

Overall, our work is helping the DAF better manage infrastructure and resources. In addition to that, the dorm and child development center focused investment strategy will boost quality of life for Airmen, Guardians and families. 

Through new draft policy, there will be an increased focus on reducing the infrastructure footprint, tiered design standards and strategic aligned investment business rules. As infrastructure budgets tighten, new investment processes will drive strategically prioritized choices with the limited funds. Both divestment and aggressive aligned investment is required to drive optimized infrastructure.


(Current as of Dec. 22, 2022)

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